Monday, June 30, 2014

Documenting June on T Tuesday

Add a scripture or quote from another book
to your page.  I added another flap to my
tip-in page, in the shape of a woman's
profile.  The scripture is Romans 12:2.

The profile is taped with decorative (Washi) tape on the right
and is watercolored in black on the back side, with border
designs collaged onto the profile shape.  
On the left, collage "challenge yourself."

When all the flaps are opened, this is the spread
beneath.  Media included are gessoe, acrylic, watercolor,
painted deli paper, Sharpie pen, painted papers,
scrapbook paper, and a scrapbook flower sticker.
The flower on the lower left is a very pale colored
scrapbook embellishment sticker, which I outlined in
black Sharpie marker for stronger contrast with 
the background. The yellow flower is my own drawing.

Week 26 means the year is half over, and I am still
'in the game!'  Time does go by quickly...

Above, Keep Calm and Have Lunch with Art Friends!
A Smash Book collage page...
I had lunch with some fellow artists, and we had 
'show and tell'.  Isn't it funny how a term we used 
in kindergarten is still so appropriate?  I suppose 
there are more 'mature' terms for it, but we do
enjoy seeing what each person has been creating
and catching up on the lives of dear friends.

I hope you enjoyed some  tea (or coffee)
on T Tuesday, and make a visit to Elizabeth at
Altered Book Lover to see what
others are getting up to for T Tuesday. 
Perhaps you would like to join the party!  
The guidelines to link up
are very flexible:  share a photo or art work about
something tea (or beverage-related) or 
something related to tea, or even the Letter 'T'.

And just because it's going to be a 
sweltering week where I live...I'm including
a fun page I did a while ago...just to cool
things down and hopefully make you smile.
I suspect some of the beverages featured this
 week in the link party may be cold!


  1. I don't think we ever outgrow show-and-tell. It's always fun to share with friends and see what they've been up to. :)

  2. really beautiful pages! I love how the profile flap turned out and love the ice cream cone page. Happy T day!

  3. So many wonderful pages...
    Your ladies profile and the verse are especially good
    I quite agree with your ice cream page LOL!
    Happy T Day
    Happy July!

  4. As always, I adore your art. Glad to read you are keeping up with the Document Life project, because there was NO way I was going to join that one Too much drawing and too much need for washi tape (grin). I do love how you used it with your face/profile. That is superb.

    I am glad you had show and tell with art friends. How awesome. And I love the ice cream cone. I need that today, since I'm sweltering already.

    Thanks for sharing your art and tea cup, too for T this week.

  5. Lovely art and quotes! Especially like that tea cup! Hugs! deb

  6. Your art journal pages are lovely. My favorite is the one with the flower sketches on that beautiful background.
    Have a great week

  7. Hello and Happy T Day!! What a hot week it has been indeed, hoping it breaks tomorrow. I can't take too many hot days, makes me sleepy and lazy.

    So happy for you keeping up with the DLP, so awesome!! These pages are so good and fun and creative! Love that face and verse.

    YAY for cold ice cream treats, we went to DQ the other night while Renee was working. So cute seeing her behind the counter and serving us. We even got a discount, YAY!!

    Have a wonderful week and Happy 4th! Stay cool and enjoying your art time.

  8. So many pretty pages!
    Happy T-Day! :)

  9. fab pages- frozen dessert and cupcakes are part of any good religion!

  10. I just love your teacup drawing--I'd love to have a cup that looks like that :)
    The 'page beneath' is my favourite--love the quote.
    Hope you had a lovely tea day :)

  11. Lovely artwork! Show and tell is one of the best things learned in school : ).

  12. I am having trouble with my email account, which is how I monitor and approve my blog comments. Some comments that I thought I had approved seemed to have been lost. If yours doesn't appear, I do apologize! I appreciate each and every comment --they make me smile! Thanks to all who visit, and do visit again soon! ♥


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