Monday, June 2, 2014

Documenting Life on T Tuesday

Documented Life Project - Week 22: 
Draw, paint or sketch a house 
on your page...
had a bit of trouble figuring out what
I wanted to do  for this challenge, 
but finally came up
with the quilt block house...

and the Tree house!  The quilt block page
folds open to reveal the pen drawing of the
Tree house.

Facing page...the days that week.  
Brought in some flowers from the yard
this week, and enjoyed the fragrance of
the peonies.  Lovely yellow iris,
along with pink and white peonies.
Decided to do tiny drawings of them on
several of the days that week.

Linking up for T Tuesday with 
Elizabeth and Bluebeard, and
sharing a Tea collage.
The herbal peppermint tea bag package
was a lovely color, so used that 
as my 'jumping off' point.  The flower
is a print made from using a Bib lettuce heart
dipped in inexpensive craft paint. A 
snippet from an invitation, scrapbook
papers, and washi tape finish it off.


  1. Wow, I loved the quilt house and that tree house was simply incredible. What a beautiful drawing.

    I've used the end of a celery stalk to make flowers, but never bib lettuce. What a clever idea, and I admit, it looks lovelier than the celery rose ever does when I make one.

    Thanks for sharing your lovely art and herbal tea page with us for T this week.

  2. Your pages are wonderful and I love the lettuce print rose! How inegnious!

  3. Lovely Lettuce heart stamped flower and all of your pages are delightful Dianne!
    Your tree house is perfect and your quilt house is so original too...
    Art Journal Journey's June challenge is all about houses you might want to join them...
    Happy T Day to you

  4. i agree a tree house would be great! your flowers are so pretty :)

  5. I want your tree house in my back yard. Always enjoy your art. Stamping with lettuce? Too clever.


  6. Love all your pages-the quilt block house is wonderful, and your pen drawing is soo good! Happy T day to you.

  7. Hi Dianne, Happy T-day to you! Thanks for sharing your project life collage! Very inspiring and creative.

  8. Your art work is so beautiful, Dianne - thanks so much for sharing it with us. Love, Chris # 14 x

  9. Hello and Happy T Day Dianne!! Your pages are making me happy today!! I LOOOOVE that quilt house, what a cute idea!! The tree house inside is so clever and beautiful! Oh and I like what you wrote on both of those pages too!!
    How fun to use the lettuce, it came out perfect!!
    Pretty tea picture for our special day.
    Way to go on keeping up with the DLP, such cute drawings you did of your flowers.
    Have a great week, let the sun keep shining, YAY!!

  10. OMGosh, I love your project life pages! Thanks for sharing your art work with us, its gorgeous :)
    Happy t day :)

  11. Your DLP pages are wonderful. I'm also a member of the project and love it. Your sketches are great.
    Happy T day

  12. I absolutely love your quilt block house. An awesome idea. I'm going to try something like that, and you are my inspiration!

  13. What lovely pages! I always thought a tree house would be a wonderful place to spend time. Used to spend time reading and writing in the crook of an oak tree's arm in a nearby field when I was growing up. Whispering leaves make great company. ;)
    Happy T-Day! :)

  14. Your quilt house is so sweet. The hidden drawing is very clever!
    Happy Tuesday Dianne!

  15. All your pages are fantastic, but the tree house one is my favorite. I watch a program about a man that builds tree houses, just love to see what he makes. I would love to have any that he has built for a creative retreat (wouldn't we all)
    Happy T-day

  16. The cool green of that tea packet wrapper is so beautiful. I can see why you wanted to put it into a collage. It looks great!

    I like the two house drawings that you came up with. They do indeed look cozy. Happy at Day!

  17. I am in love with your quilt house :-) it is brilliant. Love all your little drawings.


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