Saturday, October 28, 2017

Bug Mail Art

Eric Bruth has been kind enough to send
a reply to the paper bag mail art I
sent to him.  He has colored some
lovely foliage to coordinate with the
wonderful stamps on the envelope.

Inside was a sweet post card...
and I couldn't agree more 
with the sentiment!  Eric posted
photos of the mail art I've sent him
on his blog My Mail Art World.
It's an entertaining look at the mail
art Eric has sent and received. 
Thanks Eric!


  1. How totally awesome. I like that quote, too.

  2. I m glad you got it. Thank you for posting it on yoir blog.

  3. This is amazing! What a great idea to incorporate the stamps into the envelope art. I must find some of those ladybug stamps! Canada had some a few years ago, and I got one on a sweet ATC from a friend there.

  4. Mail art is always fun and these a really cute!


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