Monday, January 10, 2011

Scrappy Green Journal

More pages from the Scrappy Green Journal
that was a gift from Elizabeth...
She created the lovely rusty orange background
that had 2010 stamped on it,
paper doilies, along with the strip of
tan paper with "All Soul's day" sewn on, and Grow."
I drew and painted the images and text:
the rose, decorated skull, and
the painting of the marigold.

The next page shows the postcard
that Elizabeth sewed to the page.
Some other images that I added
peek out from beneath it.
I like how the pages are all 
different sizes and shapes, and
you can see some of what's
to come in this scan.

On the back of the postcard I glued some
fun fabric and added text and dots.
I wrote on the cool textured blue background
that Elizabeth provided with white gel pen.
A strip of the same fabric was added
along with the cards that were
gifted to me by Marlynn.
It is a fun challenge to create on
the substrate that someone else made!

What do you put in your Art Journal?


  1. Scrappy Green Journal as in Not Fair Cool Green Journal.
    Because that thing is cool and I don't have one.
    I do have one from Barnes and Nobles but not a scrappy green art one, and that, sistah, annoys me.
    But it is pretty cool!!!!

  2. Oh Dianne,

    You do me proud. I love what you have done from the scrambled and convoluted images and prompts I have sewn into this book. I'm so glad I left you plenty of room for your wonderful drawings, too. Simply beautiful!!

  3. This is a great journal. It is fun to see how you collaborated with Elizabeth.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'll be returning here to see what you do next.


  4. Dianne, there is so much to see here, so many cool textures and layers. I love it! I have just started a journal for myself because I miss my sketchbook project journal, but I can't really tell you what I put in my journal yet!

    Look forward to seeing more pages.

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