Saturday, July 14, 2012

Journal Collages and Index Cards

Bits and Pieces
visual art journal: cover was painted
with gesso and collaged with
hand made paper, remnants of vintage
fabric, buttons and lace.
The first three spreads are from
the Bits and Pieces journal...

Journal borders from fabric, doodles,
and paper.

Yellow 4x4 on the right is an extra I had
 from a color swap in 2008.
The black images are my drawings.
The bird was copied onto clear acetate
after I completed the drawing on paper.

Again, I utilized an extra swap page (on the right)
and attached it with decorative tape.

Tree of Life-
inspired by Medieval art-
in a larger spiral art journal.

Index Cards

Ball jars on the windowsill

The foot rest on a restaurant chair

Restaurant chair and table...
the tiles on the floor and counters
make an interesting counterpoint to
round tables.

The jumble of equipment on a
restaurant counter.

The above drawings were 'direct to
paper' in pen without any preliminary
sketches in pencil. It was a challenge to
find time in a busy week to draw the index cards!
What did you create this week?


  1. Great collages in your journal...the first one is so pretty! Love your drawing of jars and the table and chair.

  2. Wow! Great collages and drawings. Those mason jars look so real.
    Fantastic! Have a great day. Tammy

  3. I admit I haven't created anything as beautiful as you. I've been mostly staying on the computer, which is such a time killer. Too many blog hops!

    Your journal is wonderful. I love the combination of buttons, fabric, lace, and handmade paper.

    Those drawings are wonderful. I especially liked the ones in the restaurant. You draw SO well. Your talent shines.

  4. Your pages are stunning, but your drawings blow me away. WOW! Just wow!

  5. This blog has inspired me so much! I am trying to get started on a new journal but just could not get the inspiration to start. Thanks to you...the spark has been struck. I love the idea of the "scraps" border and the quote. I was reading another blog, this evening, about using up bits and pieces of paper...that may become my theme. Wonderful pages!

  6. So much to enjoy in this blogpost!
    Lovely colors and drawing along with your use of paper

    Your Medieval Tree of Life speaks to me is fantastic!

    Happy Wednesday!

  7. The drawing of the ball jars is especially wonderful! I'm thrilled that you are creating so much and playing along with the index card challenge!!!

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