Friday, July 6, 2012

Words in Collage

Happy La Rana
Fabric, watercolor flower, vintage game card,
Loteria card, painted cardboard, found word,
recycled tissue box.

Watercolor, fabric, recycled tea packaging,
scrapbook paper, ledger paper,
ball point pen, tempera.

Hand-dyed paper (gifted by Diana!)
scrapbook paper, tempera, stamped word,
painted cardstock, color copy of a 
previous collage, ledger paper.

Garden Bouquet
Fabric, cover illustration from a  book of postage stamps,
watercolor and pen. The words are the 
title of the postage stamp.

Not so many cards this week...
life happened.
I am trying to remember to
cherish all the moments...


  1. Holy cow. You drew that postage stamp? Color me impressed!

    Of course, I really like Happy La Rana, too. Golly. I guess I like them all (grin)!! But that stamp really got to me. Did I mention how impressed I was?

  2. Dear E...let me clarify. I didn't draw the postage stamp! It is the cover illustration for the book of stamps. I really love the image. Yeah, wish I had drawn it...

  3. Great collages Dianne...each and every one

    I am always drawn to fact I just posted about "found poetry" for a recent art journal challenge

    take care and you are so right about life and cherishing each and every moment

  4. These are so lovely. I particularly like Play. I'm impressed at all you produce. It's all part of life!


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