Saturday, July 21, 2012

Graffiti, Zentangle and Collage

Graffiti Wall
Sharpie pen and highlighter
on index card.
 The Index Card a Day challenge will be
over on the last day of June, but that
doesn't mean the creating ends.  The whole
point was to get a habit started! 
Creating every day is good for my mental health...
 just Do It, as the advertising slogan goes.

Flower Mandala

Vintage White
Fabric, notions, and watercolor

Painted paper, scrapbook paper,
magazine image and paper punch scraps.


Zentangle 2

Below: Patterned Stripes


  1. Yes, I love the zentangles, the vintage white fabric and scraps, the scrapbook paper pink ICAD, and the Ward Cleaver saying on a graffiti wall. BUT, I was blown away, and I mean blown-out-of-my-chair away when I saw that Mandala. This really blew my mind. Why don't you turn that into a rubber stamp? I would buy it, and I'm not buying ANYTHING until I use up what I have!

  2. Your cards are beautiful! I love the zentangles but think the flower mandala is my favorite!! These are so good!!

  3. Fantastic cards! I think the first one might actually be my motto. ;-)

  4. Love your site! So full of creativity, color and passion! Keep it up! Just wanted to let you know.

  5. You shared this link at my blog. Holy smokes that flower mandala is stunning! I'm not even close! :) Thanks for inspiring me xxx


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