Thursday, April 22, 2010

Scrumptious Squares

"Scrumptious Squares", each measuring
an inch and a half by an inch and a half,
on recycled cardboard.
I created these
using scraps of painted papers, stamped papers,
vintage postage stamps, collage images and
numbers. They were inspired by the book shown below,
Mixed Mania by Debbi Crane & Cheryl Prater,
from Interweave Books.

This book inspires you
in a non-threatening way,
to create art.
It's humorous and 'sassy,'
encouraging you to doodle, create
paper dolls, and
approach the process with
your own sense of fun!

"Kid Tags" (above) were created with
scrapbook paper, and drawings
inspired by my grandchildren. The
drawings were done on watercolor paper
with inexpensive watercolors and
Sharpie extra-fine permanent marker.

Altered Vogue ad (for a designer watch)
doodles and paper dolls added,
along with an eye & lips on the
"face" of the watch.

As Debbi described her love for paper dolls in the book, I too remember sitting at my desk by the hour making my own paper dolls and clothes for them. (Of course there was Rock'n Roll on the radio!) The paper dolls here were drawn by me, but there is a template provided in the book so you can enlarge it and just start designing clothes!

Paper doll on watercolor paper, using inexpensive Prang watercolors and Sharpie extra-fine marker.
Fibers and beads added as a "scarf" around the neck.

This book is project-oriented, with "recipes" for creating each project, but enough additional ideas to inspire more of your own projects down the road.
I especially liked the brief explanation of 'The Elements of Art' and 'Principles of Design' which I think many books do not address, even though the information is very important. A "gallery" is included in the last chapter that highlights a variety of styles from various mixed media artists. Basic enough for beginners, complex and inspiring enough for the experienced artist. I am looking forward to making an art doll and quilted clutch!


  1. These images are really neat, Diane. Can't wait to buy this book!

    Would love for you to stop by my blog when you have a momemnt or 2.


  2. Fantastic review of this book. And adding some of your own examples make it even more alive. Did you buy it? It looks like something worthwhile in an artist's bookcase.

    And those squares are totally delish!

  3. Hi, I followed your link from the MMArt friends group. You do some very nice work, I love your collages and your drawing is beautiful and talented. Thanks for sharing your experience so far using this book.

  4. Beautiful work as always Dianne! I l haven't read the book, but may have to put it on my list. I just love your little squares - great use of scraps!

  5. I'm looking forward to getting one of these scrummy squares - they are so colourful and "artistic"!

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