Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tuesday T: THINK

Spread in the tall, skinny journal--
some opinions voiced on
National Public Radio... I often
hear things that inspire me
on their programming.
On the right, a sketch of
Salvadore Dali, from a photo
pinned on Pinterest.

I don't have a photo of 
tea or coffee today, but I am
still linking up with 
Bluebeard and Elizabeth at

How about we revisit some
coffee or tea-related 
art work instead?

collage in Green Scrappy journal

Bits and Pieces journal

Eco Green Smash journal

Managed to work in at least
one beverage container!

And I was wondering...
would the readers of this blog
like a series of posts
about Halloween-related projects
during the month of October?
I am thinking art and sewing.
Leave a comment and let me know...


  1. Oh think you managed to get the drink related bit covered nicely and your journal page at the top is fabulous.

  2. Happy T Day! I love the way you incorporated various wrappers into your collages/journal pages. Sure, I think it would be fun to read Halloween posts.

  3. I cannot believe how late I am getting here. I went shopping today instead of tomorrow, and when I got home, I could barely walk. So, after putting all my purchases away, I laid down and just got up a few minutes ago. Sorry I’m late visiting.

    What a blast from the past when I saw the green journal again. Of course, I was thrilled you brought back other journal entries, too. I'm always delighted to see you revisit these (and any of your) journals.

    As for Halloween projects? YES!! Not just yes, but a resounding YES. I would love a series of posts during the month leading up to Halloween that contain entries filled with your art, your decorations, your designs, your quilts, whatever you fancy. Do you even have to ask, when Halloween is often as popular as Christmas?

    Happy T today, dear friend.

  4. Artwork will do just fine. Love blueberry muffins!
    I'm not into Halloween, myself, but I don't mind seeing what other people are up to. :)
    Happy T-Day!

  5. Love..love your smash book page!

  6. Hi Dianne - love your art inspired T work - I especially like the drawing that started the post - I sometimes feel a lot of people don't think for themselves and as such we get a lot of "Bullies" leading packs... but that's probably best saved for another time - not a relaxing T for Tuesday post...LOL - Have a great week - Mxx

  7. I am so late in getting around to visiting this week. Good words of wisdom in the first piece, and I could do vanilla chai & a muffin anytime!

    Your art is awesome, and I'd love to see some Halloween themed pieces.

  8. Hello, so glad to see your sharing this week. WOW, that first drawing is so AWESOME, such talent you have. The lines and details are so good. The borders are so pretty!!

    Enjoyed the rest of your art, share them every week please!!

    I'm with Elizabeth on the Halloween...YES YES YES!!! Would love to see what you make. This is my favorite season and holidays so the more the merrier for me.

    I just started a new art journal that hopefully will be a part of T time soon.

    Thanks so much for sharing, enjoyed my visit!! Happy T time a little late.

  9. I love your page with Dali...so much food for thought in one space! I'm not a huge Halloween fan, so it might be nice to see your projects to see how you get psyched for it!

  10. Tea and a muffin sure does sound (and look!) really good dear Dianne!

    Your journal pages are wonderful and I agree about NPR being inspirational and so informative...



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