Tuesday, September 10, 2013

T is for Tuesday and Tomato

Joining Bluebeard and Elizabeth today
for "T" Tuesday. Visit her at
what everyone else is doing
and join in the fun!

Today I'm freezing a few tomatoes...
They are from my parents' garden.
I think these are Big Boys.  But I am not
positive what the type is called. They're
nice and sweet.

I just core them and cut off any bad spots,
then dip them into boiling water so the
skin will peel right off. You can blend
them up to make juice, but I just
cut them in halves or quarters. Pop them into
a quart zip lock freezer bag and they make
wonderful soups over the winter!
Much better flavor than canned...

Today I added cinnamon, cloves,
nutmeg and skim milk to my coffee.
I guess I am craving spicy fall recipes.
Please ignore the snowman on the cup.
I am not craving winter, but I do love
this Debbie Mumm cup!

Here you can see how these
tomatoes often have a deformed shape. They 
also seemed to spoil rapidly. Don't know if
that was our weather conditions, or 
the type of tomato.

The next project in the kitchen
will be applesauce...


  1. Hello, and Happy T Day! Your tomatoes--both the real ones and the drawing--look great. Good idea to add the autumn spices to your tea, too. It's sort of like one of those fancy Starbucks drinks, but much cheaper!

  2. I really miss fresh garden tomatoes, but our weather is just too unpredictable to warrant the work--so off to farmer's markets for me. I enjoy making applesauce all year long!

  3. Tomatoes and tea. I can't say that Sounds very appealing but your drawings ARE very appealing. Great work. Happy T today

  4. Wonderful art. We are coming to the last of our tomato crop. A friend dropped off a huge bag of apples from their yard. I spent yesterday morning making apple butter.


  5. You look like your busy stocking up the freezer for winter! I don't have enough freezer space to do that which is a shame as I love to know where my food came from!

  6. your drawings are wonderful ! I love tomatoes. My favorite way to eat them is sliced thick and placed between two slices of fresh home made bread. . . with mayo.

  7. We had a lot of mutant tomatoes here, and I looked it up and it was due to severe weather fluctuations, so the heatwave did it!

    We got rid of the big freezer and bought a fridge freezer, and there isn't room to keep freezing stuff sadly, I guess when I was working I never thought I would do a lot of freezing again, but now I want to and can't freeze much!

    I don't know about pumpkin soup, I didn't like it when I tried it before, but my tastes seem to have changed a lot so maybe I should try it again.

    Lovely drawing, well done.


  8. I used to do exactly like you when it came to saving tomatoes. Then one day, Kathy told me I didn't need to do all that. She showed me all she did was cut off the stem area, any bad spots and FREEZE. Once thawed, the tomatoes loose their skins immediately. If you add them to any liquid while they are frozen, the skins also pop right off. Being of the mindset you have to show me, I tried it with one bag of my own tomatoes. I thawed a few, and the skins popped right off. I added a few frozen ones to a stew, and was immediately able to fish the skins intact from the stew. I now save time and energy (mine and the electric company's) by freezing immediately.

    I love your art drawing today. It is beautiful and oh-so appropriate for this post! Have a super rest of T today, dear friend.

  9. yum!! your tomatoes are so nice and big. Mine were fairly plentiful but small this year.
    Good luck with the applesauce! I still have lots canned from last season. :)
    Happy Tuesday!

  10. Hello, so glad to see your post today. I LOVE the way you art journal, it's so real and what I wish to do in mine.
    I thought your snowman mug was cute, not ready for winter either.
    Enjoy those tomatoes and applesauce this winter. My mom always did that too.
    Happy T day to you!

  11. I'm almost ready for the snowman mug--LOL! Lovely tomato art!!! And they look like they will be tasty into that snowman winter, too, by the time you get done with them...and the apples. :)
    Happy T-day!

  12. Summer and home grown and vine ripened tomatoes really go together!

    Lovely sketch AND photos...

    I too have noticed that the tomatoes aren't lasting long on the counter...maybe like many things they don't make tomatoes like they used to ;)

    Happy T day to you a little late dear Dianne

  13. Just checking in...I sent you an email but I had 2 addresses...I got your postcard! Thank you!!!
    I sent to the email without the dash or underscore...can't remember which at the moment.

  14. Such lovely tomatoes - your piece is fabulous. I just attending a drawing/painting class and I'm going to be brave and try to keep going:)

  15. I love tomatoes, it doesn't matter what they look like!! Happy T day!

  16. Fresh grown tomatoes are so much better. We had a couple of those weird ones that grew together.

  17. Well. You don't need ME to tell you that your tomato work is awesome blossom! stunning.

  18. Great tomato art. Our tomatoes are almost at the end, a few almost ready to pick and we are keeping our fingers crossed they ripen before the rains.



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