Thursday, September 5, 2013

Watercolor Art Journal Pages

Watercolor, calligraphy, quotes
and collage in a new art journal.
The pages measure 8 1/2" x 11."
It is larger than many of the
journals I've worked in recently.

The larger size does present
different challenges.  Obviously
there is more space to fill, but I
try to leave a border around
the edge so the finished page
will fit onto my scanner.

A sketch of parts of one of our
cottonwood trees.  The bark is quite
deeply lined with furrows, and has
a bit of light green moss.  The leaves
that I sketched had been damaged
by insects.  The branch silhouettes
are always interesting against the sky.

Iron weed adds a lot of color
to the roadsides...

A spread in the Bits and Pieces journal.
It's now full.  The small size of the pages,
5" x 8", made it seem easier to complete.

The last page, with watercolor leaves,
a tiny collage, and fabric.

What have you finished lately?


  1. Beautiful journal pages! I especially love that first one. I bet it's fun to work "larger" than you usually do, isn't it? But definitely an adjustment. I've been flitting from thing to thing lately, but would like to get settled into some projects now with fall approaching.

  2. Larger pages are definitely more of a challenge for me. Big white space staring you in the face. I love how you marry the different mediums so seamlessly.

  3. I really, really love your pages. Love the colors you choose. Nature is my favorite theme and you use it often. And I adore quotes. still planning on making a book with quotes, but my medium is fabric. already have a fabric book with Haiku through a swap.

  4. YES! 8 X 10! I think we all learn after a time that we can Make It Big if we feel like it! I didn't know what iron weed was! That's what it is! I love that Kandinsky quote (and I love Kandinsky). Your use of swaths of color behind is wonderful for depth and richness of your lovely drawings. Cool.


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