Monday, August 25, 2014

Tree on T Tuesday

 T-Tuesdays are the day that Elizabeth of
Altered Book Lover blog has a link party. 
All you have to do is share whatever you've
been 'up to,' and something related 
to what you are drinking...for me that's 
coffee every morning. Visit her to 
join in, or to see what's going on
with other creative bloggers.

Above, the sketch I did while at the 
craft show I had attended a while back.
I made enough to pay for my space, plus a bit 
extra, so was satisfied by that. The honey bee 
watercolor painting sold to a very nice gal
 who was pleased to get it.   
Met some very nice
folks at the table next to mine, and 
enjoyed beautiful weather.

Have been working in my Project Life photo album,
which for me just means I put stuff in as I have time.
I don't try to do a spread per week as I have many 
other projects going on too. This was during
our visit to see the grand kids in May.

I was pleased with these pages when they
were finished.  But the whole idea of this
being easier and faster than a scrapbook 
doesn't seem to be working for me! 
 I can still obsess over decorating
 each little 3" x 4"  or 4" x 6" card!
Need to get busy and get caught up
on the photos I have left, before our
next visit!

Above, The Documented Life Project,
Week 34: Use numbers related to
your week on your page.  I chose to
use my grocery list, with the running
tally of what the total cost was going
to be.  Added some doodles, watercolor,
and other numbers from the week.

Finally...a coffee mug drawing that I
came across from 2011. I think this is
on an index card...and that's part of
a thin bagel from breakfast that day.
Coffee with cocoa powder, fat-free milk,
and Stevia sweetener is my standard
beverage for breakfast every day...
but I do have tea now and then!
And it's always fun to
draw your food!

Cottonwood Leaves


  1. At the risk of sounding like doubting Thomas, I've known several people who are part of the PL scrapbooking community. Some love it, but don't seem to keep up with it. So, I ask what is it all about? Selling product? Seems to me that's most of the appeal.

    I like your PL pages, but, like you, I would also fret over everything I added, even if it was supposed to be fun and easy.

    I'm delighted that the art fair wasn't a bust. Making a slight profit always helps. And lots of people probably got to see your beautiful art, too, including that lovely tree you drew while there.

    That is a beautiful fork with your coffee. And the coffee sounds good, too, except you can leave mine without stevia. I gave up sugar in my coffee years ago.

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful art, your PL pages, your DLP page, and your bagel for T this Tuesday.

  2. Great art Dianne, as always!
    I love the touch of water color you put to your sketches....awesome!
    Your PL pages are wonderful, good for you in keeping them up.
    Thanks for visiting this week.
    Happy T-day

  3. What a faboluos and artsy post Dianne!
    Happy T-Day!

  4. I have never taken to doing project life, its in the too hard basket for me. I love your drawings, they remind me of my childhood
    Bridget #3

  5. Hello Dianne, so nice to see your art as always. I love that tree sketch! Glad the craft show went well for you, I would buy your art for sure if I was there.
    YAY for getting some PL pages done, I play around with mine too. Was catching up on mine yesterday, hoping to share it next week.
    Love the teacup and bagel, it is fun to draw the everyday things.

    How is the weather there, we are having a heat wave and of course the kids are in school now. The last 2 weeks before school felt like fall. Now I want to have them skip school and go swimming with me, lol.
    Have a wonderful week!
    p.s. I love the numbers page you did, that is always a fun prompt to have.

  6. so much lovely art here. Glad to hear your booth paid for itself and more! If I were doing the doc. life pages I'd be just like you-looking to make it just right and taking longer than it's meant to.But then,that's why I don't do it. Your pages are wonderful though.Happy T day!

  7. I'm so glad you had fun at the craft show and it was profitable.. It must be so nice to see some of your artwork go home with someone who loves it! Ahhh... scrapbooking ...i'am so far behind it hurts to think about it! :) Happy T day! Hugs! deb

  8. Being able to connect with people in person that appreciate your artwork had to be a great time and a bonus to cover costs and make a profit even better!
    Your drawings certainly speak to me...
    Scrapbooking seems to me like a big task and not all that simple BUT with wonderful results when it's all done...such a precious way to preserve memories and photos.
    Happy T Day to ya

  9. I did not realize that you were doing Project Life. That spread looks great--very cute and summery. Happy T Day!

  10. I always enjoy your watercolor sketches and the tree is great. I like the sketch with the mug as well. Happy to hear that the art fair brought you some customers and a little profit.


  11. thanks for the week in review- you've been busy. I enjoy seeing your sketches and drawings. Fun to find blasts from the past!

  12. I'm glad you did so well at your craft show. I love your tree drawing and that mug. Nice :) Happy T Tuesday!

  13. I never got into PL, because I know I have a terrible time keeping up with time limits of any kind. My whole life is nothing but tentative plans these days. I like what you've done, though. and that's a great little mug and bagel sketch, too. Happy T-Day! :)

  14. I am mightily impressed with your sketches. It's not surprising you sold some and made a bt extra too.
    Thanks for your visit to my blog too :D

  15. Your sketches are lovely and the PL photos have come out well. I'm so behind with mine-:(
    Have a lovely week

  16. I always love your put so much thought into them. I can see how easy it is to get bogged down in the details. This is one huge reason I don't scrapbook. I have several started....several pages complete but not one single trip complete. Or baby book for that matter.

  17. Love the art!!! I need to find where my water colors are buried :) I'd never be able to keep up with PL pages so I don't even try... but yours are very cool. Have a great week!


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