Thursday, August 28, 2014

Road Trip Journal Pages

It occurred to me that I didn't show the
finished pages from our May road trip 
to Tennessee...above, this page is not much
different than what you saw before. 
I added a little pink to the
word 'picnic.'

Above, this is the page as I posted it on
the blog previously, with a couple of spaces
yet to fill...

Above, the finished page, with the orange
construction barrel prominently added...

A much shorter road trip in July,
resulted in the collage above for my
Documented Life Project journal.

But I think this page is still my favorite,
because I think these palm trees are so
amazing and it was drawn when we
visited my favorite beach...
Panama City Beach, Florida.

Linking up over at
because Mary Ann invited folks 
to share their 'travel journals.'
Stop by and check it out...

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  1. I love palm trees, too. I want five or six in my yard. Unfortunately, just like your area, they won't grow (and live) here. But I sure like yours.

    I have a saying about our highways in Kansas. Instead of "follow the yellow brick road," I say "follow the orange cone road." Reminds me of your orange barrels.

    Love your pages. They are all so well done and so very clever. I especially like the embellishments you used, like the old postage stamp and the crossword. Nicely done, all.

  2. Holiday journaling is such a great way to remember a vacation :)

  3. Such great journaling ~ LoVe your road trip pages!

  4. Absolutely charming!
    I never considered drawing on a road trip before.
    I've enjoyed perusing both your art blogs.
    Thank you for sharing the fun and inspiration!

  5. Wow, I love your travel journal pages! Your lettering is especially beautiful. Thought I recognized the DLP focus! ;)


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