Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Collage Everywhere on T Tuesday

"Collage: an artistic composition made of various materials
such as paper, cloth or wood, glued on a picture surface."

I see them everywhere... even at McDonald's.  I drew 
the cup of water I was drinking because it had a collage of
images on it...and because of the circle design.

Joining Elizabeth today for T Tuesday's link up party.
Just show a photo or drawing of your beverage, and
you can join us for T, or coffee, or any beverage you prefer!

put a pocket on your page.

I used a vintage library pocket from a thrifted
children's book, and attached it to the scrapbook
paper background.

Because our cottonwood trees are dropping leaves
already,  (and the background had leaves on it)
I decided to put leaves in the pocket.  I had made these
a while ago (ok years!) intending to make a small book
from them, but it just didn't happen.  I wrote quotes
about August, and autumn on the leaves that are made
from scrapbook paper and painted paper bags. 
(These are not cottonwood leaves, by the way)

I've also been working on some art lessons
that are posted on-line by Derwent Academy.
Lesson 5 was painting in watercolor, wet in wet.
I usually paint lightly over dry layers, and over pen
drawings, so this was a little stretch for me.
This is loosely based on some Maple trees in 
our back yard...

Just a few weeks of summer left...I have been
hearing a few locusts along with the tree frog chorus.
I need to take more walks and enjoy the warm
weather while it is still here!

cottonwood leaves


  1. What great drawing - journaling and watercoloring... Fantastic!
    Happy T-Day Dianne!

  2. Your pocket pages are just beautiful--I could almost believe the leaves were real!

    I can tell you are enjoying the Derwent lessons--the maple tree watercolor is lovely!

  3. Super great drawings, your talent just amazes me.......I know I keep saying that, but it really does. Love the tree paintings too.

    Thanks for visiting this week
    Happy T-day

  4. I never fail to appreciate that you find collage in everything. I need to look more closely, I guess.

    Love the leaves you put in the pocket. Had to laugh at your tree comment, because the neighbor across the street has a cottonwood tree that has the fluff that dots my yard each spring (grin).

    Thanks for sharing your collage and other art this week for T. BTW, you are doing a great job with that new class you are taking.

  5. What a great drawing of the image off a McDonald's cup. It's so true that you really can find art anywhere, if only you look for it.

  6. The drawing is great. I like the idea of the pocket on a page and the fact you put your leaves in it. Funny how we have unfinished stuff sitting around for ages and then suddenly the right place to use it appears.


  7. You've been so busy! Love all your art pages. The old library card pocket sure brings back memories. I can't believe you have leaves falling already! Say it isn't so!
    Happy T-Day! :)

  8. It feels like I'm seeing more watercolors lately. I love yours. And your work with leaves. That's something that offers seasonal options :) Happy T Tuesday!

  9. I too am a great fan of collage art.Your DLP pages are awesome. I'm also doing the Derwent lessons. I've only reached the 3rd one.
    Thank you Dianne for your lovely comment on my post.And , no I don't have those shelves at my place. We stay in a small apartment. Often the images I do on my art will be related to my dreams or wishes. I do wish to have a creative space of my own. So those pictures are part of something that I look forward to have someday in the future.
    Have a wonderful week

  10. Those beautiful leaves you made were just waiting for a perfect spot and you certainly created it for them.
    So true about collage...I admire how seemingly effortlessly you are able to sketch what you see Dianne!
    Such a talent...
    Happy Day to you...it will be awhile before I give up my summer bare feet ;-)

  11. Many thanks for visiting my blog and than you for the encouraging words.
    I really like your drawings and collage and paintings. I especially like the leaves you used. I love the colours of Autumn.
    I will be starting an online classs with Dion Dior in September to learn moe about using my Inktense pencils. I love them muchly. :o))

  12. Circles make me happy too! Love how you used the library pocket...leaving the card.

  13. You are right about collage being everywhere. Your autumn is early then though I think autumn is my favourite season.
    your drawings are fabulous.
    Sorry I am late but we have flaky internet at home so I am trying to catch up in lunch break.


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