Thursday, July 31, 2014

Derwent Art Lessons

Derwent Academy has a series of
art lessons on-line. (click on the top Tool Bar
on the Derwent site to create an account)
 This is Lesson 4, Color and Tone-
Blending Colored Pencil.
Some friends recommended the class
because when you've completed the
six lessons, Derwent will send you a
 small set of their colored pencils!

Since I don't have any of the 
Derwent colored pencils, I used
Crayola brand colored pencils, and 
various brands that have accumulated 
over the years. They are not as 
intense in color, and the scan is a bit light.

Quote from this lesson:
"It's all about describing what's in
front of you by using different marks."
--Dee Cowell, Derwent Academy instructor

I was rather pleased with the outcome
of the sketch of the cockerel,
considering the image on the computer
screen was a bit difficult to see.
The border around the video obscured
the feet so I just had to 'wing-it!'
And the instructor shows how to 
layer color over each other for
more depth and variation. (not sure
if you can tell, but there are blue and
purple beneath the black)
A fun exercise!


  1. I have prismacolor pencils and have always wanted to learn to use them to make intense realistic art--I'll go have a look at this.

  2. Holy cow. This was meant just for YOU. You always make great art, and using crayons made it even more special. Very realistic. I might even crow about it (OK, bad pun).


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