Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Documenting Life with Art

Week 29 of the 
Make a wish list. Draw or use
magazine cut-outs.

This tip-in page was a piece of
scrapbook paper in a bright yellow, 
and I decided to leave it 'as-is.'
I added magazine words, fabric,
Washi tape, assorted papers, 
doodling, and the quote
from a magazine...

It's not really a 'list' but that
may still happen on the spread
beneath the tip-in.  It's been
a busy week, so I kept the
page relatively simple.
Messy paint might happen later!

Linking up with Elizabeth
for the T Tuesday link party...

and sharing 'coffee art'
instead of 'tea art!'
I do enjoy a nice cup of tea,
but coffee is my daily 
Wake-Up beverage. This page
was completed at a Starbucks,
Barnes & Noble bookstore,
Mansfield, Ohio.

Yellow lily, Wauseon, Ohio.
The coffee travel mug and the lily
are all in a black hardbound journal 
with 8 1/2" x 11" pages.
Notes, drawings, collages, and
whatever else I can think of
may go into it. 
What do you put in your journal?

•  ♦  •


  1. I'm with you? When did coffee get so complicated? What ever happened to plain coffee? Seems since Starbucks came on the scene, the price of coffee has gone through the roof, and we have so many types of coffee we've never had before. But I adore your gorgeous "mug." If only they made them this pretty IRL.

    Thanks for sharing your lovely drawing and your adorable DPL page. I adore the way you used magazine cut-outs. They are truly my lifeblood when making art.

    And of course, thanks for sharing your lovely mug with us, for T this Tuesday.

  2. I'm a tea girl myself, love that coffee recipe
    Bridget #1

  3. I LOVE your journal page with all the doodles and washi tapes! Your sketches are really wonderful too. I have several art journals-in different sizes and with different papers inside. I just grab whichever one I feel like working in-mostly the one with heavy watercolor pages so I can get messy:)

  4. Beautiful pages Dianne!
    Fear less ... Love more is one of my mantras and your page really speaks to me.
    how indeed did coffee get so complicated Hah!
    I am a tea and coffee gal too...cappuccinos on weekends are a treat...
    Wishing you a Happy T Day

  5. I pick espresso! Nice & simple ;)

    I love your yellow lily. So cheerful :)

  6. GREAT work Dianne, LOVE the coffee page. I've wondered the same thing about coffee. Me? I like it black and made at home!

    My art journals include just about everything and anything. I've been using prompts since J52 started, but tend to wonder off sometimes and just "mess" around.

    Happy T-day

  7. That quote is certainly one I need to take to heart and you have illustrated it beautifully with all the cool color and papers.

    Thanks for your nice comment on the cabinets.

  8. What great journal pages you have shared with us. I do like Starbucks coffee but only have it as a special treat. Same goes for Costa.
    What goes in my journal? cobwebs right now as it is feeling pretty neglected! I must remedy that.

  9. Great sketch and great question about the coffee. I am fussy about the beans I start make my coffee with but beyond that, black coffee suits me best.


  10. Lovely pages! Coffee has gotten quite complicated. I may like a wide variety of beans but I still drink it black--LOL! Happy T-Day! :)

  11. Great quote and goal Dianne. One I work at every day as it definitely is not my strong suit to be brave and positive. As always, I love to see what you are working on and how you put your own spin on things!

  12. Lovely coffee art. I don't drink coffee in the first time I went into a Starbucks to get a small coffee for friend !the barista argued with me for a minute asking me if I wanted a grand and all I wanted was a small cup of coffee.

  13. I've heard all of those coffee terms but really didn't know many of the definitions. Simply black coffee is what I drink..which is why I seldom get buy a coffee out. Too pricey for water over beans. :)
    Love your drawings as always...


  14. lovely pages!! I love playing in my journals too. The coffee sounds heavenly....coffee used to be mt life's blood but I have developed stomach issues thanks to some nasty medications I used to take and have to restrict my coffee use now :( I miss it so much .


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