Monday, July 14, 2014

Re-Posting a Favorite: T is for Tuesday, Q is for Quilt

Elizabeth invited us to look for 'buried treasure'
within our T Tuesday posts of the past, so I
am sharing an old favorite about the quilt I
made for my daughter and son-in-law.
I began working on this quilt in the summer of 2012...

A gift for the newlyweds, which they'll be lucky to receive
by their first anniversary in 2013!  (They did)

When I'm working on a quilt, I am careful to keep my
coffee cup (or any beverage) far away from the quilt!

The pattern is called Merry-Go-Round,
which I completely hand-pieced, and
 also hand-quilted..

It has bright happy colors, and includes many fabrics 
from the bride's past:  vintage fabrics from the bride's
great-grandmothers' stashes, fabrics from clothes 
that I sewed for her when she was little, and many
fabrics from the numerous baby quilts I've made.

I set the quilting frame up in my parents' home, as 
they have a bit more room, and it gave me an excuse
to go visit them and quilt!

My quilting stitches aren't exactly perfect,
or even tiny, but I tell myself that it's
 part of the 'charm of hand-made.'
I do attempt to keep them uniform in size.
In the block above, the red gingham was a dress that
I made for my daughter when she was in grade school.
A couple of the fabrics are from my maternal grandmother's
scraps, and one is even from a guitar case that I 
made in high school.  Yes, a quilted fabric guitar case.
Weird, I know. But I liked it much better than the
black 'cardboard' ones that you buy.  (I used
pre-quilted fabric on part of that guitar case, wasn't up to
hand-quilting in high school! and no, I don't
 really play guitar any more)

The cable quilting designs are marked in pencil and
then stitched.  The triangle and rectangle shapes are
just 'eyeballed.'  So they aren't always perfect...

It's challenging to get your shoulders, arms and hands
to 'turn' in the right direction to follow the quilting design.
I find I have to pace myself so as not to get sore muscles.
Many quilters have their quilt tops machine-quilted these
days, but I really enjoy hand quilting.  I don't exactly know
how many hours I have in this quilt. At least 500 hours, 
at a guess.  If I kept an accurate track of how long it takes,
I might never make another!

Here's how I have my morning 'mocha' coffee...
to your coffee cup add 1 heaping teaspoon of cocoa powder,
a pinch of salt, a teaspoon of vanilla, sweetener to taste,
(I use any Stevia sweetener)
and a splash of fat-free milk.  Yum!

Visit Bluebeard and Elizabeth at
to see what others are doing on Tuesday!
Perhaps they are having Tea on Tuesday,
instead of coffee, like me...

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  1. I'm SO glad you reposted this T post. It brought back some lovely memories of your beautiful quilt, but it also brought back memories because that is how my grandmother made all her quilts, too. And to think, she didn't even have any of those fancy cutters or self healing mats. I have NO idea how she did it, but I remember her telling me, when I bought a quilt top and asked her to finish it, that she could NOT because the points weren't even and the squares weren't lined up properly. Yours is also magical, because the stitches and the points look very professionally done to me!!

    Thanks for sharing this one for T this anniversary.

  2. Gosh this is gorgeous! I'm so glad you dug it up out of the archives. I imagine it will be treasured forever. Thank you so much for sharing! Hugs! deb

  3. Kind of fun to read about cooler (OK COLD!!!) temps as we are melting here in Virginia in these hot sauna summer days ;-)...
    your mocha sounds really yummy Dianne!
    That quilt is an absolute treasure and what a wonderful gift of time and Love and thoughtful beautiful each and every stitch (makes me think of the Amish and how they intentionally put a "mistake" in each quilt because they believe only God is perfect)
    Happy T Day and here's to continued fun and sharing

  4. I love these colors. It looks so _happy_ and I know it was a much-appreciated gift.

    Happy T Day!

  5. I hadn't seen this post before-what an absolutely gorgeous quilt!!! And, a very special gift for sure. Happy T day!

  6. This quilt was just stunning to me. To do all that by hand these days is a remarkable feat. And that the fabrics have meaning makes it even more unique and special. Happy T-Day anniversary! :)

  7. It was wonderful to have a second look at this gorgeous quilt, made all the more special by all the special fabrics you included!I've enjoyed my visits to your blog and look forward to the next year! Happy T Anniversary!

  8. This gorgeous quilt definitely deserves a second look. I love the rainbow colors.

    Happy T (or Mocha) Day! :)

  9. Thank you for posting this again. OMG! your quilt is exquisite. It is so beautiful. So many memories from the past go into it. I think this is so precious. I don't find anything wrong here. Of course I dont quilt but one thing I can tell you, it is one of the most beautiful art that I've come across recently.Your daughter and son-in-law are sooo lucky to have received this wonderful gift
    Have a wonderful week.

  10. Hello Dianne, Happy T Day! I'm soooo happy you picked this post, LOVE LOVE IT!! I was so amazed by it then and still am. I thought it was such a great gift for them and laughed at your comment on how long till they got it.
    So nice to see it again and what I didn't know then was that we live in the same state, YAY!!
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful post again and have a good week.

  11. Your quilt is just breathtaking. And the fact it is handstitched is awesome.

  12. Wow that truly is a work of love, hand making it. i am sure they loved it.
    Colour combination is gorgeous too

  13. Beautiful quilt!
    I wasn't here, so fun to see for the first time!
    Here's to another year of T4!

  14. What a beautiful quilt and one with so many memories. I admire your talent. Here's to another year of T Tuesdays!


  15. Yur blanket is so beautiful and full of memories and such a treasure and delight to have, gosh I sat and looked at it in so many different angles to look at how you made it and it astounds me the beauty and talent you behold in that piece of history blanket. I love stuff like this, thank you so much or sharing.

    Happy T Day
    Hugs Eliza

  16. this was the perfect post to choose! Love that quilt and all the hard work and LOVE you put into it.

  17. Gosh what a beautiful quilt full of love and care. An instant hug from you whenever they need one.
    I am glad you reposted this as it was before I started joining you for Tea.
    I do love to handquilt, but not right now! Too warm!


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