Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Watercolors and Collage

Week 32: Incorporate a fortune from a 
fortune cookie on your page...
I used several scraps and borders of my own
designs on the watercolor background, along 
with the fortunes, and a vintage computer label.

Week 33: Use 'under papers' on your page.
Under papers are the papers that you might use
beneath whatever you are painting, to catch
spills, or to clean your brush.  This collage
includes brown craft paper, acrylics, deli paper,
napkins, scraps with scribbles, and my 
watercolor with doodles.

I got the opportunity to visit a local state park
this week.  I went for a pleasant walk to enjoy
the views, and took some time to draw some
of the wildflowers that were grouped near
the Wildlife Center. (educational exhibits)
It was nice to see that there were honey bees
enjoying the wild flowers...

Linking up with Elizabeth over at 
Altered Book Lover blog for T Tuesday.
Instead of tea, I am drinking coffee with
chocolate, and listening to big raindrops
falling outside.

Here are a couple of greeting cards that I
made this week...

Have a colorful week!

• ♦ •


  1. You have had a busy week. I like all your art but my favorite of these is the "underpapers" one. I guess because it is a bit unusual or unpredictable. Nice stuff!


  2. Holy cow, Dianne. That really IS vintage. Vintage being in the 80s when these floppy disks were so popular. Great that you found and used it in your art to frame your fortune.

    Never heard the term "under papers" before. I guess that's as good a term as any for these desk/table savers.

    Your nature walk gives me hope that bees are on the rebound. I can't believe a world without them. Of course, your art/drawing is so beautiful, I might forget to remember.

    Loved the cards you made. These are stunning, and I'm certainly impressed.

    Thanks for sharing your lovely art and coffee with us for T this Tuesday. Looks like you and Dawn are catching the rain we had over the weekend. Ours came during the night, so I may have been the only person in the neighborhood who had the chance to enjoy it.

  3. Lovely as always! Who knew that "under pages" could be so pretty, right? I've used them as backgrounds myself...
    Happy Tuesday!

  4. Great page you created around your fortune (I have a collection of them)...
    and such beautiful wild flowers you drew and painted...
    it certainly IS encouraging to hear bee sightings!
    I am enjoying some very welcome raindrops here in Northern Virginia too...now I'm off puddle jumping to acupuncture.
    Happy T Day Dianne
    p.s. I really enjoy seeing your photos by clicking on them for the slide show ♥

  5. Hi Dianne,
    I always enjoy your sketches and water color prints.

    Happy T-day

  6. Your collage pages are really lovely and your sketches so pretty-they really do make for beautiful and special cards! Happy T day to you.

  7. Hi Diane I haven't come to visit you from the usual place .... DLP but from Elizabeth's tea for Tuesday blog post .... I have been visiting her blog for a few years now via WOYWW and tea for Tuesday too. I haven't seem you there before though .... Small world huh? Love your work this week especially the sunflower card

  8. Hello and Happy T Day! So good to see your wonderful art again. I missed it while being gone. So glad your still enjoying it and sticking with it. I've tried and quit mine again and again. I want one but quit soon after staring one, WHY!! So good to see yours instead.
    How is the weather for you? Here we've had a couple hot days but most days are 70 and feel like fall. Hard to believe it's mid August already.
    Have a wonderful day.

  9. Great projects. Your bird card looks so beautiful. I too have posted my DLP challenge today.
    Happy Tuesday

  10. My favorite specialty coffee is a cafe mocha! You have been very, very busy and so creative! Enjoy the rain! Happy T-Day! :)

  11. It is always fun to see your beautiful, colorful artwork. I love the underpaper one and the sunflower card best! Thanks for mentioning about the beetles!

  12. Hi again
    No it's not a DLP journal on the table but a children's magazine featuring Dr. Mc stuffins. I don't take my journal out with me I don't use it as a planner it's more retrospective and just for the fun if it. Have fun with the next challenge

  13. What beautiful work you have carried out in today's post. Those cards are wonderful as are your collages. Such a beautiful artist.
    As for Sputnik, she never grew too big but left a huge hole when she left us.

  14. Beautiful cards :) and pages and doodling.
    I have red and pink bee balm in my garden and I've made tea from their fragrant leaves. I also have brown eyed susans!
    Happy Tuesday.

  15. I especially love those wildflower sketches. We are getting bumblebees around our flowers but no honey bees at all. You give me hope :)

  16. Love your creations! Each one is simply lovely ~ thanks you for sharing your inspiration!


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