Sunday, July 3, 2016

Red, White and Blue

Happy Independence Day to the
United States of America!

A patriotic pin keep that I created by 
combining motifs from at least four sources.
Counted cross-stitch on linen...
I like how it turned out.

I wish I had dated this quilted flag wall-hanging
on the back. I think it's at least 20 years old.
I like the flower applique instead of stars...

I stitched the red, white and blue felt star
with beads and buttons this June, when
I got an itch to stitch!

Everyone uses an old pop crate to 
decorate with, right?  It makes a fun place
to put the arrangement. I love old books,
stitching, glass and canning jars. 

Many in the U.S. will be enjoying a long
weekend and celebrating with picnics,
barbecues, and fireworks.  May we remember
the holiday with thankfulness for our 
freedom, and appreciation to our
 veterans who have given so much.

Index Card Art

Index Card Art

Cherish the moments with friends
and family this week!


  1. Love those gorgeous patriotic stitches pieces Dianne. Did you make them? Those journal pages are great. I love the G. Washington quote. Happy July 4th! Hugs-Erika

    1. thanks Erika! Yes, I did cross stitch the pin keep myself, and sewed the red, white, and blue star from felt. I don't 'normally' go for red, white, and blue...but sometimes you just gotta go patriotic! thanks for visiting!

  2. I am SO sorry I was offline when this went live. I am simply thrilled that this was a great way to celebrate your Independence Day.

    I'm a big fan of pop crates. They make a great lift, too. BTW, "pop" seems to be a midwestern term, with soda being the favorite term on both coasts. In the south, many people call it "coke" even though it may be something like Fanta, Mountain Dew, or Pepsi. I have always thought that was quite strange, but I'm a pop person, too.

    Hope you had a joyous 4th and continue to enjoy your time away from the computer.

  3. I am late - too late to wish a happy July 5th..
    your pages are just wonderful Dianne!
    oxo Susi

  4. Lovely pieces and display. I too use old pop crates to decorate. I can see two of them from where I currently sit. :) Mine are 7-up crates.

  5. I have just recently discovered your index card art and I absolutely love it! I added the patriotic flag card above to my Pinterest board, "Fun with Index Cards", Carla


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