Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Techo and Swap Art

I am relieved to say that Valerie
finally received her swap art from me,
and she has blogged about it for T day.
Apparently, customs held onto it for
about ten days.  I'm just glad it
arrived safely and intact.  Above is
one page that I made for Valerie's
"Bird" theme.  Couldn't resist including
some fabric in the collage.  Please
visit Bastelmania to see the rest of
the pages, and some of Valerie's
beautiful art work.

A random quote...too funny.
And true.

(Click on any image for a larger view.)
I did, indeed, have the urge to stitch,
and made up one of the little felt
stars in red, white, and blue. It worked
up pretty quickly--though a bit wonky--
with beads, buttons, and felt. Why is
it so hard to get stuff to stay centered?
Even though I pin it first, it seems to
move off center as I stitch...

One of the fun things about getting together
with art friends, is that they share their 
techniques, and even let you try out their
hand-carved stamps! 

And when the permanent ink you used to
stamp the cicada on the previous page
bleeds through to the next page, it's the
perfect opportunity to use the new flowered
duct tape that was purchased to 
reinforce the mailed overseas package!

That is a tick you may have spotted on the
left side of the wildflowers...found him 
crawling on my clothes when I got out 
of the shower. Ick!! It's fun to get out and
investigate a new place to walk- enjoy the
sunshine and get some exercise- but don't
forget the insect repellent!!

Recycling a couple of beverage images
from previous weeks...

and encouraging you to visit the
T Tuesday group over at
Bleubeard and Elizabeth's blog.


  1. I can't tell you how much I enjoy your art journal. If you haven't written a book on how to do it, I'd love to encourage you in that direction. You seem to manage the perfect balance between text and pictures (I almost said "text and art" but your text is also art). I'm just always struck by your pages. Happy T Tuesday!

  2. Wonderful pages again, yours are always very special indeed. But I don't like tics! Yes, it's good to get out and about, but insect repellent is a big necessity these days. Have a great T Day, hugs, Valerie

  3. i second the words of divers&sundry about your Balance of text and Pictures, both being art... a good idea to use the tape for bleeding through motifs...
    we had a very wet spring so far, so i´m afraid we will get a lot of insects now, too.
    your bird art for Valerie is gorgeous, i also had a look at her site.
    happy t-day, dianne!

  4. I agree these are wonderful pages, and Valerie's art is simply over the TOP. I told her how much I loved the cross stitch bird you created, and it is simply beyond gorgeous.

    I agree with Divers and Sundry about the art journal. You make your calendar look so fun, and I love it all. BTW, I haven't seen a tick since I left MO. Seems they aren't found here in Wichita.

    Thanks for sharing this incredible art, Valerie's page for the swap, and your tea cup with us for T this Tuesday. I'll be heading to the PO soon, at least that's the plan!

  5. I love visiting your wonderful journal pages each week-and what a treat to click on for the larger views!
    Your swap page has the perfect combination of colors and imagery in my eyes. Cannot believe it was held up for so long tho:( Happy T day!

  6. I saw your amazing swap pages on Valerie's blog --they are just AMAZING and so are the calendar pages today! You are always such an inspiration!
    Happy T-Day Dianne!

  7. Your bird pages for Valerie certainly ARE lovely.
    Glad they finally made it ... worst nightmare of swapping is lost pkgs!
    Your pitcher of favorite blooms certainly looks gorgeous to me. I have said at least once that each of those flowers was my fav at some time. Impossible to pink just one because nature is so awesome.
    Ticks = ACK! our AT hiker had to get the hightest stuff that you spray on your gear and outer clothing being as he's living in meadows and woods these days.
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful pages so full of art and life and more!
    Your friend carved some wonderful stamps too.
    Happy T Day dear Dianne oxo

  8. The bird pages you sent to Valerie are awesome, perfect in every way! Thanks for sharing your journal pages they are such an inspiration. Happy T day :-)

  9. A wonderful post to read, I am enjoying seeing your fabulous journal pages, filled with amazing art work.
    Happy Tuesday.

  10. More fun journal pages Dianne. They always make me smile. Thanks for letting me know your drawings pens and markers (from last week). I'm always on the look out for a good marker/pen. Hope its been a happy T day! Hugs-Erika

  11. Love your journal pages! I also can relate to the tick issue. They are bad here again and it seems like every time I go out I fond one on me :(

  12. I always look forward to Tuesday and your latest journal pages. Great art and inspiring words at work. I like the colorful tape . may have to find myself some of that.

  13. Great page for Valerie! Have seen them on her blog and they are so beautiful! As for tics - my son took my grandson camping and he came back with a tic embedded in his leg and had to go to hospital to have it removed -poor lad! Hugs, Chrisx

  14. I love visitinng your blog.Your art is so vibrant and so ffull of ppoositive energy.Love your bird pages and your drawings!

  15. The page you made for Valerie is beautiful and I love all your journal pages. Your drawings are fabulous and I adore your handwriting.


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