Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Hobonichi Techo ~ Illustrated Pages

Because of our cottonwood trees,
it has been a week of cotton
on the wind...our yard is covered
in fluffy stuff. The bunches and
twiggy pods have been dispersed
by the lawn mowing, but just 
scattered the cotton in a thinner layer!

Enjoying the sunshine, and doodling
in my Hobonichi Techo journal.

For the record, I really dislike housework.
(You probably already figured that out)
I'd much rather be drawing and journaling!

Above is threquisite
 tea (or in my case, coffee) cup, for
linking to Elizabeth's Tea Tuesday blog hop. 

I like to write about and draw my
crafty pursuits, what's going on,
things overheard...silly stuff...
it's in here. 

It seems odd that we haven't had any
 locusts in our area. I know we've
had them before.  Maybe they overslept...


  1. Wonderful journal pages! We have a lot of that cotton blowing around too when it's dry, my balcony was full of it. Glad to hear you don't like H****w**k either! Have a lovely day, hugs, Valerie

  2. Now I know why I don't sew by hand. All my needles are bent (as are all my pins, too), so it's hard to find the right hole from the back. I LOVE THAT.

    Loved the little bird in a cup. I thought Valerie had received your pages, but I guess I read wrong. Our Sears closed years ago in my neighborhood, and they finally razed the part of the mall the store had been in. Now it's a parking lot. Hope that doesn't happen to your Sears.

    There is a cottonwood in my neighborhood and everything turns white when it "sheds." So I feel for you. And I would also rather be making art than mowing, weeding, gardening, and doing housework, too.

    Thanks for sharing your lovely art and thoughts, as well as your coffee mug and cup with the bird in it for T this Tuesday.

  3. i am with you and the saying: only boring People have clean houses...
    it is incredible to see all that daily art jornaling and i so love your drawing skills! actually my favorite of the week is the locust, though i wouldn´t like to have a swarm of them around me;)
    happy t-day!

  4. I was wondering what kind of journal this was because I love how you have a whole page to draw for each day. Your drawings are as always wonderful and make me smile. And since we don't have cottonwoods here in the northeast, (or at least not very many), now I know why they are called cottonwoods. What kind of pen/marker do you use for your sketches. Happy T Day!!!

  5. Always enjoy your journal pages. This time I kept going back to your amazing dragon. Happy T Day!


  6. LOVE all your illustrated pages Dianne-real works of art. I admire your drawing skills so much. And that cicada-awesome!! Happy T day!

  7. Cuteness overload with the little critter drawings. I kept saying awww...out loud as I scrolled. LOL
    Happy T day!

  8. The song that goes like "I hear the cottonwoods whispering above...Tammy Tammy.... la la la laaa" comes to mind Dianne :-)
    Laundry is one of the chores that I always enjoy because you can see the beginning and end of it. You should definitely keep spending time drawing!
    I adore British shows too. Just started watching Doctor Thorne on Amazon Prime. OH the costumes and flowers in the girls' hair ♥
    Happy T day oxo

  9. These are really great! Will be so much fun to look back on years from now, too. :)

  10. Absolutely fabulous journal pages, much better to spend your free time creating these than the dreaded 'housework'.
    Happy Tuesday

  11. Your pages are wonderful - amazing drawing skills Dianne! I am always faszinated !
    Happy T-Day!
    oxo Susi

  12. I love looking at and reading your journal pages.
    Yes, I love Rosemary & Thyme too. Delightful! I have watched The English Patient (Ralph Fiennes) and have also read the book. A very good story.
    Thanks for visiting,
    Happy T-Day,

  13. Your pages are stunning! I'm in awe of you drawing skills and beautiful handwriting. I definately think you should forget your chores and spend your time drawing and journaling. Thanks for sharing and Happy T Tuesday!

  14. I'm so in love with your journaling ... google tells me that isn't a word but it is now :) I also know from experience the the mess of a cottonwood tree and the issues it can cause with the heating and cooling systems too :0(

  15. Doing really badly as I am looking at two T posts - time just passed last week!! I do so love your pages! Hugs, Chrisx


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