Monday, July 25, 2016

Swap Pages from Norma

Lots of photos today, so bear with
me!  Received gorgeous pages from
Norma in California, in this last month
of our Page Swap.  Norma doesn't have
a blog that I know of, but her work is
very lovely! Click on any image
for a larger view. Above, fancy pink
alphabet cards in a translucent pocket.

Love the buttons, lace and rick-rack
detail at the bottom of this page!

Some historical facts about the
nursery rhyme "Mary, Mary quite contrary..."

There are a lot of fun games with
numbers and words!

"In my own words," includes a beautiful
little book with a stunning painted paper
cover.  There are copper, gold, and 
silver metallic paints in the mix...

The inside pages have been decorated
with stamps and paper fun!
Can't wait to write in it...

"Mary, Mary" in Braille, with
a vintage image of "pretty maids
in a row."

I love Scrabble!

The tag is not shown to best advantage
in this scan.  It has crushed white tissue 
paper with gold filaments and gold doilies.
So pretty, but the scanner didn't do it
justice.  I wanted to also show the 
wonderful assortment of stamps on the

Since I had family here all week for
vacation, I didn't get much time to draw.
I made a few notes each day about 
what we did, and then went back later
to add some drawings. Zootopia was
a really cute movie.

My week was really busy with cooking
and lots of activities...but you will see my
coffee cup above...and the sketch of pancakes.
Linking up with Bleubeard and Elizabeth
for T Tuesday. Feel free to read all the text,
as I don't post anything too personal.

Last week in my Techo, I wrote about
buying peaches from the Georgia Peach Truck.
We went through the entire 1/2 bushel
of peaches this week! and they were 
mostly eaten fresh. My son did grill some
 with brown sugar and cinnamon...
served with ice cream, they were so good!

If you've made it this far, thanks for
staying for all the photos! Hop over to
visit the rest of the T Tuesday gang, to
see what they're up to.


  1. Wonderful pages from Norma, and love yours, too. Have a fun week, happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  2. your got awesome mail from norma! and of course i like your art-journaling diary, the sketch from "zootopia" is just great!
    happy t-day and rest of the week!

  3. You received some really nice pages to add to your collection. I'm happy you had time to add to your journal, I always enjoy that part of your posts.

  4. Norma's pages are beautiful and oh I do love that button trim! of course it goes without saying how marvelous your planner pages always look. Happy T day!

  5. Beautiful pages and planner pages. I like the sound of those grilled peaches, delicious.
    Happy T Day.

  6. Dianne i loved seeing all your photos!! Love your artjournaling style as always.. We loved Zootopia too.. and i'm not a cartoon person but i enjoyed it... LOVE the button trim. OMGosh thats brilliant! Happy happy Tday! Hugs! deb

  7. Gorgeous pages and tag!
    Fresh peaches are my DHs favorite fruit in the summer. Years ago my FIL had a huge garden, that was for the whole family, and I did a lot of canning. One year my friend and I canned 40 quarts of one day! Oh to be that young and ambitious again.....LOL!
    Adore you journal pages!
    Happy T-day

  8. Pancakes, coffee, and fresh peaches.... Now that's a good combo :) Happy T Tuesday!

  9. Wonderful swap pages that Norma sent you! I love that idea of the button trim with the ricrac.
    Absolutely loved your hobonichi pages. I read it all. Its such fun. Yum, a bushel of peaches is a whole lot of peaches! If I h ad that many I'd be in the kitchen the whole week making things.
    Happy T-Day,

  10. Sweet gifts! Always like your pages. :)

  11. Norma does a fantastic job with her art, and those buttons at the bottom of the page are PURE NORMA. Wonderful art.

    So sad to read about the young girl. We have a similar situation here. Girl is 15, but has mental capacity of an 8 year old. They are still looking for her and it's been four days now. Every day they send out helicopters and the police visit neighbors. I doubt they'll find her now. She was sitting on her front porch midday Saturday with her parents inside when all of a sudden she was gone.

    I did enjoy reading about the peaches and everything you did with them. I bet there aren't four left today!

    Thanks for sharing these wonderful pages and your mug drawing with us for T this Tuesday. Please also, check the other blog now.

  12. I am afraid I have got behind with seeing your blog posts(in fact most folk's blog posts) I hope to have a good catch up next week but as I am here for T stands for…I can see what a busy time you have been having! Fresh peaches sounds go to me - we are able to buy Nectarines but peaches seem in short supply! Did you enjoy Zootopia(called Zootropolis here)?
    I am going to e-mail you re - the dilemma I am in(something on the 'other' blog ) Hugs, Chrisx

  13. WOW such beautiful pages.
    What a fabulous array of creativity.
    That button trim really speaks to me.
    I am hungry for peaches thank you very much.
    When I am peeling and slicing them I want to wear the juice as perfume ;-)
    Happy T Day dear Dianne oxo

  14. What beautiful pages, the buttons and lace trim is lovely and definately something to try. Thanks for sharing and the inspiration! Oh my, the grilled peaches with brown sugar and cinnamon and then served with ice cream is making my mouth water! Make mine an extra large portion please :-). Happy belated T Day! J :-)


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