Tuesday, July 12, 2016

TECHO Tuesday

It's been a busy couple of weeks
around here, and the next couple of
weeks promise the same.
(click on any image to view an enlargement)

My Hobonichi Techo is my primary art
journal at the moment. I try to fill each page
with what happened that day, but if it has
been a quiet day, that's when I make a list
or write down a quote!

Saturday the 25th gave me several things
to write about: the auction where my Dad 
purchased a footstool that his Dad had
made; the guy playing guitar in his car in
the parking lot of a discount store; and
dead baby birds...

Linking up with Bleubeard and Elizabeth
for T Tuesday ~ where the tea is strong
and all the bloggers are good-looking...
that coffee mug sketch is my required
beverage reference. Stop by to visit
and see what everyone is up to. We 
often see some marvelous photos 
and diverse art work!

I attempted to sketch the upholstery
fabric that my mom purchased to recover
the footstool.  The colors are much more
muted than this, and a lot more woven
texture...but love those roses!

I need to fill in the reference to the President
on this page. I am not sure which president
it was who dedicated this monument, so I
need to ask my Mom about it. I left room to
write in the name later.

Lots of time spent with family over
the 4th of July weekend.

I wish that everyone could really grasp
the dedication and intense preparation 
that is required of teachers.  A lot of the 
furnishings in their classrooms were purchased
by the teacher themselves. Many teachers end
up providing school supplies to children who
don't have what they need, and maybe even
food or snacks for some as well.

I enjoy helping my daughter get a classroom
ready for a new school year, but I can only
help with the decorative things like 
bulletin boards. In the grand scheme of things,
that's not what's most important. I am so
proud of what she does for her students.
Music opens a world for them that they might
otherwise never see or imagine.  If you know
a teacher, please thank them the next time
you see them!  (They don't really get the
summer off. They may take a couple of weeks
and then they are planning and preparing
for the coming year!)

Fun times thrifting and making art...
always on the look-out for stuff to help
organize my daughter's classroom,
and some things I just can't resist
for myself!

Here's a recipe that I am going to try out
in the next week or so.  I have family coming
from Tennessee next week, and 
they've "put in an order" for Peach Crumble! 
 My Mom promises me that this is an easy
 recipe that turns out well.  Maybe you will 
try it.  Have a terrific week!


  1. LOVE all of your wonderful pages again, they are real eye candy. Good to see Dr Who is there, too. When I was teaching we also had to 'manage' and collect stuff, especially for those kids whose parents couldn't/didn't give them anything. I like the sound of that peach crumble, too, but for today I will have to settle for peach without crumble here! Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  2. Your artful entries are filled to the brim with charm Dianne! I love being able to see them larger too so as I don't miss all the drawings sprinkled throughout. I'm sure your peach crumble will be a hit-enjoy, and happy T day!

  3. Oh how I admire your journal pages and your dedication to them... I'm hit ans miss with mine and it's mostly miss :) Teachers are so underappreciated and underpaid!

  4. though of course i do not read all the text, the layouts alone are such a delight to see, a journaled artwork. your mix of text and sketches always is such a great unity.
    happy t-day!

  5. You have had a very busy two weeks. I was caught up reading and enjoying the art you create with each day's post. You and Erika really know how to keep art journal calendars. I'm truly impressed.

    Love that you share these with us for T each week and really like the little mugs you draw along the way, too. Thanks for sharing these for T this Tuesday.

  6. Your journal pages are so colorful and beautiful. Putting them together must act as a nice brain massage remembering what happened during the day and then translating it into ART. Smiled at your Garrison Kellor reference. I heard he's going to retire.
    I made a note of your Peach Crumble recipe, thanks for sharing. Now to see if I'll actually bake ;-)
    Happy T Day Dianne oxo

  7. AND Yes indeed teachers are underpaid and under rated here in the US
    Thanks to your daughter for all she does
    and your support must be most welcome. I can imagine her classroom has the prettiest bulletin boards and displays!!!

  8. You never cease to amaze me with your fantastic calendar pages! Gorgeous!
    Happy T-Day Dianne!
    oxo Susi

  9. I love reading your pages and I must say- I love those David Tenant Dr. Who episodes in the dessert. He was I think my all time favorite Dr. Finding Dory was a pleasure and I agree, no one thinks of putting money into schools. Our society is so money driven...but without school, where would any of them be? have a great week and happy T Day Dianne. Hugs-Erika

  10. What wonderful pages, you've been so busy. I love your art and beautiful handwriting, it's such a joy to read and look at. Wishing you a very Happy T Day! J :-)

  11. Oh Wow, your journal pages are always a joy to see, you add so many detailed drawings. I know what you mean about dedicated teachers, I just wish folk realised how much of their own time is given during the holiday periods. Its certainly not holidays for them. Glad I am retired now.
    Happy Tuesday
    Yvonne xx

  12. It just amazes me that you can do this wonderful art journal every day. I'm saving the recipe for peach crumble. Since we have a couple of peach trees now it will come in handy.

  13. Wow...wow...wow. How much time do you spend each day on your pages? I'm sure that once the ideas are flowing and you have the skills to back it up, it's likely much quicker than I'd be just starting out.
    Happy T day....a day late!

  14. Wow! You really keep a fantastic daily journal!! I had to enlarge them to look at and read them all. Wow!
    Yes, teachers do much more than people think. A good teacher is priceless in a child's life, too. :)


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