Friday, May 20, 2016

Swap Pages

My second set of swap pages
(the Rust pages were the first set)
were due to be mailed out just
as my old computer 'gave up
the ghost.'  So I took photos with
my phone, and am just now
remembering (and figuring out how)
to post them here on my blog...

The theme for these pages was
"Childhood Memories."  Which I
found a bit challenging, since my
childhood memories from here in
rural Ohio might not be anything like
those of someone in a different area
of the country, and possibly in an urban
area.  What childhood memories
are universal? I did have a hint that the
recipient enjoyed stitching themes,
so I took the opportunity to add
fabric, lace and stitching. I found this
charming illustration in a vintage book
and thought it was so cute, so it
became the focal point of the page.

Another vintage illustration from an
old book -the children reading- found
its way onto this page.  I painted the
violets on a page of text that had been
covered with gesso. I used to pick
violets for my mother when I was young,
so that's why I chose violets.  Fabric
scraps and some watercolor doodles,
along with some cross-stitch flowers
finish off the page.

This is the tag for the "Childhood
Memories" page, with the credit to the
illustrator.  Not shown was a tag for
the illustrator for the 'children
reading' image by Annabelle Prager, c.1972.

A fun theme to interpret...
what are your favorite
childhood memories?

♦  ♥  ♦


  1. These are wonderful old memories. I actually remember very little about my childhood, so I basically went with what I had in my stash that might be considered a childhood memory. I'm quite certain Norma is thrilled with these AFter all, I am with my rust!

  2. Your pages are so beautiful - the violets remind me of my gran.They were her favourites and every Spring they grew outside her front door! No problems showing mine btw!Hugs, Chrisx

  3. These are amazing. I love the feel you gave them for the vintage childhood so many of us remember. Happy weekend. Hugs-Erika.

  4. Precious pages you created Dianne!
    They have a sweet childhood innocence about them.
    Lovely combination of fabrics and trims and paper and more!
    Fun swap you all are having.
    Happy Sunday oxo


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