Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Techo Illustrations and Notes

Do you think having an
illustrated diary might prompt
you to do more interesting things...
just so you have something to
write about or draw?

Or does daily life become more interesting
when we are looking for the opportunities
in each day to write or draw something?

This week, my Techo seems to be all
about the food!  Have you been to one of
those steak houses where the décor
consists of trophy heads on the wall?
Kind of creepy on one level, but an
opportunity to draw something that I
probably won't see in real life.

This trophy head was on the wall
behind my daughter.  The waiter left
blue crayons on the table (the wait staff
writes their name on the paper 'tablecloth'
after they introduce themselves) so of course
I had to take the opportunity to draw!  Then I
remembered my watercolor pencils and
water brush were in my bag...dear daughter
thought it was a great opportunity to post
my photo on Facebook--drawing on the tablecloth.
My first thought upon seeing the post...?
"I look so old, and I'm frowning-(in concentration)
why didn't you warn me?!"  sigh...
but at least she thinks I'm a
"cool mom."

Recording the activities and outings for each
day brings back memories when I read
about them again later...I enjoy investigating
little shops and old fashioned
dime store/hardware stores!

Sharing a mug of mocha coffee
this morning, and linking up with
Bleubeard and Elizabeth for
T Tuesday...
what have you been doing this week?

♦  •  ♦


  1. Love your drawing from the restaurant, and I love the idea of being able to draw on the tablecloth - what fun! Your journal ages are magnificent to. I rarely journal about what I do, but when I have time I do like to journal about the first things that comes into my head!
    So you are a cool Mom - BIG compliment! I don't know whether you looked at our blog, but I put a post on there last Friday about the parcel that is on its way to you. Hope you won't be too disappointed with the contents. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  2. Not sure what BS is, but it doesn't sound good if you need your meds adjusted. Really enjoyed the wagon wheel.

    I SO LOVE that you find joy and art in the everyday and turn the mundane into works of art.

    I really enjoyed reading about the time you spent with your parents. That must have been a fun or wending Scrabble game!

    Yep, the animal heads are weird. Is that a ram? It's not that I can't recognize the animal because of your drawing, it's because I can't recognize the animal because I don't know for sure what it is (GRIN!).

    Sounds like you have some really wonderful friends. I've never seen a gelato, so those other drawing instruments (sorry I forgot the name because I'm on a different page and don't want to lose what I've already written by flipping back) must be equally nice.

    I also saw Wallander, but have only caught snippets of the Midwife when it came on before Grantchester. As much as I like Wallander, I miss Robson Green and James Norton. I'm actually looking forward to Endeavour returning.

    OK, enough small talk. Thanks for sharing your lovely art and mugs with us for T this Tuesday. And now I know why I'm not on Pinterest. Very time consuming.

  3. BS refers to Blood Sugar...lol. I didn't think until now that it could be construed as a more vulgar thing Bull*#@!...ha ha. forgive me... ;)

  4. Well I think anything looks better and exciting when you sketch about it Dianne!!!
    And it certainly is a great way to preserve memories in this life that moves so very fast.
    I am hardly ever happy with photos taken of me.
    One of my criteria is that they be taken from a respectable distance (my Mom would always say that) :-)
    Happy T Day oxo
    p.s. must share a true confession some Blogger comment sections are set up so that when you click on to leave a comment you go away from the actual blog ... being a visual person I lose my connection so to speak and my train of thought leaves the station LOL that said there was something else I was going to comment on but well I can't remember :-)

  5. A lovely drawing and a great way to remember your visit to the restaurant. Your journals look awesome and must seem like you are keeping a diary of memories.
    Happy Tuesday.

  6. I can totally relate to your thought of "gosh could that really be me" in a photo. I think that all the time when I see myself. :)
    Love all the pages!

  7. Your pages really are a wonderful way to combine art and memories Dianne! I did do the "monthly calendar art" spreads with Kate Crane a few years in a row but then got bored with spending so much time making the pages-and then remembering to jot something down each day.They are fun to look back on though. Happy T day!

  8. the nicest part to me this week is seeing the santa Ornament in mid-may. makes me think: oh, time is running;)
    happy t-day to you!

  9. I think your question is an interesting one. I think I am more aware of what I am doing when I journal about my time. But maybe I do things just to journal about them too. Love your pages today, especially about all the food. Food is almost always good. Happy T day.

  10. I admire your illustrated journaling!
    Last season of Wallander! :(

  11. Yep those trophy heads freak me out. We used to eat at a steak restaurant that had a huge stuffed bear in the lobby... posed all growling like he was ready to attack. My daughter refused to go back after the firs time. It burned down so we can't go there anymore if we still lived in that town. Love your journal pages !

  12. I love your illustrated diary pages - I only do my little squares in my calendar journal but I do love looking back at them! I am guessing that you are watching the new Wallender with Kenneth Branagh? It doesn't start here until Sunday! He says it will be his last! Hugs, Chrisx

  13. Thought I would stop by and answer your question about pennies. Several web sites I visited will provide the answers you asked. The government has suggested all totals be rounded up or down to the nearest nickle when paying with cash. However, another site suggested that as our cashless society leans more and more on credit and debit cards, we won't have to worry about those pesky pennies, because the credit/debit card takes care of it.

    Hope that answers your question.

  14. Hello, Dianne! Before I forget, I wanted to thank you for coming by The Marmelade Gypsy -- it's lovely to "meet" you.

    You received some great swap pages but I wanted to scroll down a bit and see some of YOUR work, which is just lovely! I really am rather fond of your journal pages and the use of color, fun type styles and integrating your art. I think I must explore this a bit more! What a treat. ~jeanir


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