Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Swap Pages From Annette

As promised, I am sharing
the fabulous swap pages that
Annette sent to me for my
Word and Number Play theme...

I had never seen a tag that slides
open in the middle. I didn't figure it out
until Annette posted about it on our
Swap blog. It is so cool!! She does
amazing work...

A big chunky bundle of
beautiful tags...

This is why Annette is
the "queen of embellishments."
A stunning combination of subtle
color and pattern, round versus
straight-edged shapes. So glad I
have no restrictions on 'danglies!'
Love all the metal combined
with paper on this page.

Numbers and letters...
"Just my type."

It's difficult to get a sharp scan when
there are so many dimensional bits
on the page.  Please forgive the
bit of blurriness...

"A conclusion is simply the place
where you got tired of thinking."

Truly beautiful pages, and I am
honored to receive them.  The
gals in this swap have set the bar
pretty high...no pressure! lol.
What fun to see the interpretations
of each artist on a theme; each unique
and reflecting their own style.

 I will leave you with one spread in
my Hobonichi Techo journal from
this week.  Linking up with the
T Tuesday gang over at
Altered Book Lover blog.

The alligator on the left (May 29) is the
main design on a plain white mug. The
drawing on the May 30 page shows
the other side of the mug...just the tail.
Do you drink from your Christmas
coffee cups year round like I do? 

Let's have a mad tea party...


  1. Such cool pages! I love her work.
    I'm excited about seeing the new Alice movie as well. We don't go see many in the theaters anymore but I may splurge on this one.
    Happy T day!

  2. Oh Dianne! First, thanks for moving your comments to the same page. Second, now you know why I chose Annette. I see you agree that she is definitely the Queen of Embellishments. These pages are out of this world. I know she was worried because she didn't follow the Alphabetica theme you requested, but I think her pages more than make up for the wonderful way she interpreted the theme.

    Gotta love that mug. It's so cute and funny, too. I have ONE winter mug I bring out when temps reach over 100 F each year. It doesn't cool me down, but it provides a bit of tea time humor.

    Thanks for sharing these awesome swap pages, as well as your Techo pages with with us for T this Tuesday. Are you doing ICADs this year?

  3. Aaaahhh but will you still go to see the movie after the Johnny Depp revelations??? I heard it did not do well over the weekend... I'd like to see it too. But i'd hate to waste my money if its not good... hmmm....

    Love seeing all of Annettes work. Just beautiful and the that tag that opens in the middle ... just genius... Thanks so much for sharing... hugs and Happy T day Deb

  4. haha, i also have a Christmas mug which i like to use any time of the year because its big size:) love your sketches and you really got a wonderful gift from Annette.
    happy t-day!

  5. Gorgeous pages from Annette, enjoy! Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  6. Great pages you received in the swap Dianne!
    We still have our big "Naughty" Christmas mug out.
    Your alligator is a hoot.
    You are so right about where does the time go when I'm sitting in the computer chair = oh my!
    I don't even instagram or pinterest...yet ;-)
    Happy T Day oxo
    p.s. thank you for your nice comment today and I couldn't agree more about new not always being better. I have cried real tears (not crocodile) when some local country buildings have gone under the wrecking ball... sniff sniff Happy Tuesday on what feels like a Monday :-)

  7. those are fantastic swap pages Dianne-I especially love the one with the crossword puzzle and poppies:) Your sketches are always such fun -love that alligator! Happy T day and thanks for your visit earlier:)

  8. Gorgeous pages Dianne. You are really making out on this swap. It looks like a lot of fun for all you involved. And I love your journal page too. I can't wait to see the Alice movie too. Happy T day. Hugs-Erika

  9. I'm in for a Mad Tea Party. I laughed at having an image of an alligator on a mug. The pages you received in your swap and really amazing. I am going back to spend more time looking at the details

  10. Such pretty tags. Love your pages, as usual. :)

  11. Pretty Swap pieces and I adore your calendasr pages - they make me always so happy!

  12. Oh those pages are glorious! I love seeing your Techo pages - looking forward to Alice myself! Time is certainly whizzing by! Apologies for arriving late for T! Hugs, Chrisx


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