Tuesday, May 24, 2016

International Swap Pages from Chris

What's black, and white and
red all over?  This art swap page
from Chris over at Pearshapedcrafting .
My theme for this swap is
"Word and Number Play."
Beneath the red acetate overlay is

'Play', a puzzle, numbers, and playing cards...

Vintage music images, and a
gorgeous tag...

A colorful clown page...
that has a folding door. It
opens to reveal clowns of
television and movies!
Love Danny Kaye,
Robin Williams, and Lucille Ball!

"Strength in Numbers" ~ I think it is
inspired by Lynn Perrella's work.
The simple technique of repeating an image
makes a big impact, especially with the use
of bright colors and interesting textures.

Six of one, half dozen of
the other. Namely, 6 boys--

and half a dozen girls!
The flap opens to reveal the
girls, and the tag has the swapper
information on the back. The
eyelets and strings are fun, and the
 numbered images carry through
the theme...

Vintage fashion images and
a sweet tag. I delight in vintage
images, and can only wish that things
were always "just the right size!"

Linking up with Bleubeard and Elizabeth
for T Tuesday.  The Techo drawing
below with the tiny, wonky coffee cups
will have to do for my beverage reference
today.  You can join the blog hop
every Tuesday over at Altered Book Lover
and share a beverage with the group.

I am so enjoying the swap art I've received,
and next week on T Tuesday,
I plan to show you what arrived
from Annette! So stay tuned...
have an artful week!


  1. Beautiful pages from Chris, I am sure you love them. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  2. I finally figured out a way to flip back and forth between this page and the post, so I hope Patty sees this. She and I need visual stimuli to aid us as we write. I right clicked and got the message to open in a new tab, which I did

    However, I didn't need to flip back and forth this week, because I have already enjoyed Chris's pages. It gave me a chance to see them all again, though. I'm also enjoying this swap, but found the ONE theme I was most worried about, Annette's, turned out to be the easiest, and Chris's theme, which I thought was going to be a snap, turned out to be the hardest I've done so far. So glad you like your pages, and I look forward to seeing Annette's, who is, in my opinion, the queen of embellishments.

    Of course, your little cups all in a row are perfect for T this Tuesday. Thanks for sharing your calendar page and Chris's pages to you for T this Tuesday.

    1. I honestly hadn't thought about the settings for the comments page until you mentioned this...so I hope this 'embedded' setting will be easier for everyone!

  3. Beautiful artwork! Thank you so much for sharing. Happy happy Tday!! Hugs! deb

  4. Great collection of pages!!! Love your journal pages too :)
    Happy "T" Day!

  5. You got wonderful pages Dianne and your calender journal pages are super!!!
    Happy T-Day to you!

  6. Oh yes thank you Dianne...Scrolling down to the comments section makes it easy peasy with everything in plain sight. There are a few more people I would like to ask about this on their blogs but my tech vocabulary is so poor I always hesitate to try and explain things ;-)

  7. Oops got excited LOL
    wanted to say what a lot of fine pages you got...the repetitive queen image speaks to me especially.
    Love the Monet quote in your journal along with all of the springtime sunshine and chirping ♥
    Happy T Day Dianne

  8. I like your "tiny wonky cups" lol I agree that morning is for the birds. And coffee ;)

  9. what really marvelous swap pages and art Dianne!! Of course I love the happy theme and yes, the quote too! Happy T day!

  10. Beautiful pages from Chris and your own pages look fantastic.
    Happy Tuesday.

  11. I am so enjoying this swap! So pleased that you too love the three 'clowns'! Your calendar page is brilliant - love the row of cups!! Hugs, Chrisx

  12. These swap pages are gorgeous. You all look like you having so much fun with this swap. I'm glad you are sharing because its very inspiring to see them. Happy T Day!

  13. Love Chris'pages and yours as well.Love this swap.Very interesting!


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