Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Techo Drawings and Notes

Notes for the week in my
Hobonichi Techo...
loved the Sketchbook Fury class
by Graham Smith in
So fun, and lots of great tips.
I've always wanted to be
an Art Ninja.

I like to write down random thoughts
and quotes. (I guess you already know this)
 I am amused by most any little thing... 
As I am linking up to
the Tea Tuesday blog hop over at
Bleubeard and Elizabeth's, that little drawing
of the glass coffee mug, in which I had milk,
is my beverage reference today.

Since Mother's Day happened in the U.S.
this week, there were a lot of gorgeous
flowers for sale in the stores...
I bought pink begonias for my mother.
Though it seems that the weather in
our area is barely warm enough for
planting anything outside just yet,
the calendar says we are past the date
for frost danger. A few days ago it was
 getting in the 40F degrees  overnight! 
Really ready for warmer days...

Trying to maintain smiles through the
many cloudy and rainy days recently...
so "cuteness" creeps in to the journal.
How do you find
the 'silver lining' in your days?


  1. Wonderful journal pages. We had a few good days, but it seems to be changing again. My silver lining is coffee, walking, reading, crafting....Have a good week and a happy T Day, Hugs, Valerie

  2. so much rain around. I brighten things up by painting with vibrant colors:) I get such joy from seeing your beautiful planner pages. I saw the first video of the Strathmore series but have yet to watch the second part. Will do that soon:) Happy T day!

  3. Fun fun pages as always dear Dianne.
    Seems much of the US is having a very cool and wet Spring.
    Crazy as it sounds overcast and rainy days do not bother me usually.
    I am the one that complains when it's 90 and humid.
    That said there is nothing like a 70+ sun shiny day to warm you and make you smile.
    Surely those days are coming.
    Happy T Day oxo

  4. I love reading your journals. I love the fact that you use different handwriting and different size letters, some coloured, some not.
    My silver lining is the fact that we are back home (after being away for a week) in our lovely little abode.
    Thank you for visiting,
    Happy T-day,

  5. I always love your drawings. They are so very beautiful. Like Lisca, I like the different handwriting, some printing, and all interspersed with your signature drawings. Your art ninja is truly adorable.

    I haven't seen Midsomer Murders for a long time. I binged on several seasons for several weeks last spring, but haven't seen any since then.

    My silver lining? Right now, it's my art and soon it will be the elephants at the zoo! Thanks for sharing your beautiful art with us for T this Tuesday.

  6. I so admire your consistency in working in your art journal ! I"m real hit and miss with mine. It is still cool for this time of year here too. I want to plant my sweet potatoes but the don't like it below 50° and it's been that a lot at night here still :(

  7. i forgot to mention that if you take the EXACT Route 66 across country, and not the roads that bypass the actual streets, you will drive right by my home in Webb City, MO., which is on Broadway and on the old Route 66. Yes, that's part of the reason I love this route so much!

  8. Dianne i just love seeing your journals and you make me want to journal that way.. I've been keeping a written journal for 25+ years now and i think it would be wonderful if some art crept in there...hmmmm... Thanks so much for sharing this Tday. I always look forward to a visit with you. Thank you so much for the kind comments left on my blog. Hugs! deb

  9. I did a little catching up on your posts. They always make me happy. Hope you get more spring like weather too. We finally had a warm day and the leaves are popping open, but they say by Friday it is going to cool right off again. Go figure. Happy T Day.

  10. hey, mrs art ninja! you put a smile on my face:)
    we had a sunny week here, but now we are expecting the "frost Saints", as always mid-may. i copy you the Definition: "according to popular belief a period in May with increased likelihood of night frost falling on the feast days of certain saints thus jointly nicknamed 'Frost Saints'"
    i hope after that summer will come along. at least it is green here, lilacs blooming... good for the mood!
    have a beautiful week!

  11. Love all your journal pages. I haven't checked the latest Strathmore class yet. Looks like I should go peek.
    Have a wonderful Wednesday. :)

  12. I love your pages - only thing is. ..they remind me that I need to practice my lettering! I love drinking my coffee from a glass mug sometimes too! Hugs, Chrisx

  13. You do the most interesting and artsy journal pages ever! Amazing !
    oxo Susi


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