Monday, April 25, 2016

T Tuesday

I am learning to make blog posts from my Android smartphone... It's a whole new learning experience. Maybe there will be a new computer in the future, but that would be assuming we find time to go shop for one...

Not sure I will be able to figure out the link up process, but do visit Elizabeth over at Altered Book Lover for  a beverage and a chat.


  1. I will link you as soon as I finish this comment. I am so sorry about your computer. I am well aware of what you are feeling, and I have a feeling mine is going to die soon, too. At least you have a phone to use as a backup.

    I really like how you were cross stitching for therapy. It sounds like something you will enjoy. I had to laugh at the mowing comment. I've already mowed TWICE.

    I can't wait to see your swap pages. I know she will LOVE what you make.

    Thanks for sharing your incredible art and drawn mug with us for T this Tuesday. Now I'm off to link you to T.

  2. Love your journaling, and it is different linking from an android, that's true. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  3. i love how you sketch (of course) and "Pop" this up with some washi tape. but the most interesting is how you can vary your handwriting styles, like you would use different Fonts in a digital work. AWESOME! every time i see your journaling i want to do this, too - but i know i could not Keep it up.
    happy t-day and a beautiful rest of the week!

  4. I sometimes post using my Android - so slow....and struggle with a connection too! I love your pages - fat free banana muffins sound good - will you be sharing the recipe? Great cereal quote - too true! Hugs, Chrisx

  5. I am sorry to hear about your computer - good luck for buying a new one!
    The pages are all fabulous !! Maybe I should start such an agenda with illustrations as well even though my drawing skills aren't the very best - but I would learn with this...?! I have to look after a recipe for the fat free banana muffins... sounds great!
    Happy T-Day Dianne!
    oxo Susi

  6. You have done well with your posting and linking without a computer Dianne! Super pages again. I love the touches of washi tape for added interest along with your sketches! Good luck PC shopping and a happy T day!

  7. Oh bummer on the computer. So frustrating. I love your cartoon self and the cereal quote. Ha!
    Hope you get a new computer real soon!
    Happy T day!

  8. Not sure that I could figure out how to post form my phone ...hoping I don't have to try anytime soon :) Love all of your journal pages :) Hope you get your new computer soon and it's not too difficult to learn to use.

  9. I upload photos to Facebook from my phone, but I've never tried it on Blogger. Where there's a will there's a way, but I agree with your husband that a new computer may be in order. Happy T Tuesday! and I hope the phone connection works for you until you decide what to do :)

  10. Nice pages. And good for you to figure out how to post from your phone. I haven't quite gotten to that yet- well I tried once and it didn't work so I just put it aside. One of these day. I always love seeing your journaling- it is so cheery! Happy T Day!

  11. i have got wordpress blog and upload the photos to the blog then alter them and add words, links etc on the computer. lovely pages

  12. Your post looks great with all of your lovely artwork Dianne.
    Sorry about your computer woes.
    It is such a pain when that isn't going smoothly.
    I have never tried posting from my phone.
    I was happy I could still remember how to post after the break I just took LOL.
    Happy T Day dear Dianne

  13. Fantastic journal pages. I am calling by to say hello on T.Day.

  14. Oh dear, I'm sorry to hear about your computer! I bet you feel deprived and perhaps even bereaved (I would). What a challenge to post from your android phone. And well done for having succeeded! I barely know how to make a phone call and use Whatsapp for messaging. Besides, it's sooo small! I am used to a 24 inch computer screen!
    So I admire you for succeeding. Your post has come over loud and clear (although I got it twice) and i enjoyed reading all your diary pages. I think it is such a good idea. It's very entertaining to read too.
    Thank you for visiting and happy T Day!

  15. Good job posting Dianne, especially given the circumstances. Hope you find a nice new computer soon. I bought a Lenovo laptop about 4 yrs. ago. Was about $399. and is still going great! I'd never heard of the brand, but my tech support at work recommended it and she was right. Your journal pages are great as usual. You never do bad artwork though. Or maybe you don't share that with us. I love your Kawaii girl - she looks just like you! Have a good week!

  16. I hate it when the computer dies, it is like losing half my brain functions! The phone is a little miracle, and I have managed to do a lot on it - but not everything and blogger is a challenge!
    I have cut the grass twice, and my son cut it once or by now it would be waist high!

    Happy T Day yesterday.


  17. Thanks for the gout tip - I will have to tell my brother that one because he suffers from it too. Cellulitis is a skin infection. I think they used to call it blood poisoning and it is very dangerous. If it starts to spread up my leg I could end up in hospital. I hope the antibiotics will work but I only have two more days and I'm not seeing an improvement yet.


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