Tuesday, April 19, 2016

T Tuesday: Techo, Tea, and Treasures

Some days my Hobonichi Techo becomes
a Bullet Journal with illustrations.
A Bullet Journal (or Planner, or Organizer) 
seems to be one of the current
 enthusiasms On-Line these days. 
All types of Planners are available.
(and accessories to go with them)
I am NOT that organized.
Writing stuff down does help...or else
I will forget the errands I intended to
do before I even get out the door!
And I do love to make it pretty...
and fun...and random.

Ok...coffee instead of tea. Most days.
I did not draw these monsters. They
are stickers. Aren't they cute?!
Sometimes I get grumpy about rain
 and dreary, cloudy days.

And then, just in time for my eye
doctor appointment, and the dreaded
dilation of the eyes, the sun comes out!
I won't complain though. Sunshine cheers
me up immensely.  And cheap sunglasses
(can't you hear ZZ Top singin' it?)
are really helpful. I actually put a pair
of clip-on sunglasses on my prescription
glasses, and then another pair of 
sunglasses over that!

Poor hubby had some unpleasant
oral surgery, so I've been trying to
figure out what soft foods can
'make a meal.'  (I don't have a blender)
Hence the list of mushy foods.
Mashed potatoes and gravy seems
to be his favorite...but he's 
dreaming of milkshakes.

I hope you will stop by my
to see what my 2016 Fake character is 
drawing and painting...can you
guess what my character does?

Linking up with Bleubeard and Elizabeth
for the T Tuesday blog hop, in which we
share a beverage and whatever is on
our minds. Stop by for some interesting
photos and activities, maybe even 
some treats along with a beverage.

'Wedding Cake' hot air balloon~


  1. Lovely post, your journaling is always great. Love the wedding cake hot air balloon, never seen one of hose before. Enjoy your coffee, happy T Day, Hugs, Valerie

  2. you know i always admire your Kind of keeping a diary/Journal. must be fun to recap it later.
    i noticed your checklist with 11.000 steps a day... oh my, we walked about this amount every day in Barcelona last week, but Boy did i have hurting feet LOL!! well, yes, the streets are not the perfect ground;)
    happy t-day!

  3. Ah sunshine is always welcome, but we needed the rain here, so I won't complain. I missed the dilation of the eye drops in the eyes. What is that for? I hope it wasn't painful. I don't put eye drops in my eyes even when I get something in them, so I can only imagine the discomfort.

    Sorry to read about hubby's surgery. I think a good milk shake sounds good about now, too, and I haven't even had oral surgery. I hope he is better soon. I have an old blender, but I use it for blending paper, so I doubt you would want it (grin).

    As always I LOVE your journal/calendar page. That's one reason I keep thinking I'll quit making mine, but it's become a habit, albeit a very unimpressive one (unlike yours of course).

    Thanks for sharing your calendar, your treasures, your eye exam, and your gorgeous art with us for T this Tuesday. Did you see I've given up guessing on who you are at the Fake Journal site?

  4. your pages alone brighten up any of the days Dianne! The monster stickers are super cute. I think hubby deserves a milkshake after the oral surgery:) Happy T day!

  5. I love your illustrations! I feel like you do about rain. I had plans for today that the unexpected rain we're getting will make me postpone. :( But it's an excuse to curl up with a book, so it'll end well after all :)

  6. Such fun pages Dianne! And I'm loving that "fluffy" little bird! (My 6 yr. old niece told me recently I shouldn't say "fat" because it's not nice.

  7. Your illustrations are just fab .. there is so much art in every single of this calendar pages - amazing!
    Each single page is just beautiful!
    Love that balloon ...

    oxo Susi

  8. Oh Dianne, those eye dilation drops sting so much, at least it's only once a year! My tests are usually in Winter, less chance of sun but a frosty, sunny day can be difficult! I love your pages! Hugs, Chrisx

  9. I know what you mean by dilating eye drops. The sunlight obviously is a bother with dilated pupils.At least the sun is shining. Grey weather is not good for the soul.
    I love your diary sketches. What fun to look at. (I had to google hobonichi Techo, but now I know what it is).
    That hot air balloon is great! A big cake!
    Thanks for visiting and Happy T-Day,

  10. Just love all of your journal pages :) I do list constantly or nothing would ever get done. I also have ADD so my focus this year is to try to get one job finished before I go to the next I'm usually all of the place with 15 different things partially finished at the end of the day. Love that hot air balloon :)

  11. Your sketches are always amazing. The re is so much detail in each page.
    Happy T day

  12. Didn't mean to hit publish yet.. don't know how I managed that one LOL! You sound like me with the sunglasses and that is every day I'm outside. I love the sunshine on my skin but the eyes can't tolerate it any longer :(

  13. Now I'm humming along with ZZ Top...........LOL!!
    Great post. I admire you making sure you make some kind of art every day. My list are usually on the back of an old envelope or a piece torn off.
    Happy T-day

  14. Thank you for your visit to me today. I have so enjoyed reading your post and seeing all the fantastic journal pages.

  15. I noticed you had Pinterest on your list one day....were you cataloging the day that already happened or reminding yourself to visit. I NEVER have to remind myself to visit Pinterest. ;)

  16. Dianne, thanks so much for your lovely words. They mean a lot me. I love your art. Whenever I visit your blog, my heart leaps. So many beautiful things to see, my friend!


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