Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Techo Tuesday

Hobonichi Techo pages...an
illustrated diary/art journal of sorts.
A tea bag wrapper made into a
little pocket in my Techo...

which qualifies me to 
Link up with Elizabeth and Bleubeard's
T Tuesday group. Every Tuesday we share a 
beverage, and pretty much anything
else that's going on.  Elizabeth has been
sharing some creative recycling tutorials,
so check them out!

I showed these 'pear trees' previously,
but the blank space beside them needed
something. Enter the painted scrap of 
paper...just for a fun contrast. It may 
also need a word above that...we'll see.

Any bit of random info can 
go in here...

I like the sound of "some serious
monkey business..."  love 
Curious George! Saw this in a 
cute new book, (sorry, didn't write down
the title) and it looked like it could be 
used as a high school graduation present. 
 It had fun observations 'for life' from 
Curious George's misadventures...

Acckk! I am so over snow right now.
I think there may be some serious
groundhog hunting going on around here.
Watch out Buckeye Chuck and 
Punxatawny Phil...

I invite you to visit my Fake Journal blog
to take a look my 2016 fake journal.
  See what you can figure out
 about my character...

What's up with you?


  1. what an impressive assortment of illustrations and entries Dianne! I love reading and seeing the pages. Yes, let's hope there is NO MORE snow!! It's finally warming up here again and i am waiting for the arrival of the hummingbirds:). Enjoy your day and happy T day too!

  2. I love the pages from your calendar journal, so full of life and fun, they are always a pleasure to see. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  3. As I've often said, you put my wimpy calendar to shame. That quote by your mom would be good for Annette's challenge. I can't believe you have gotten all that snow. We are dying here from lack of moisture and wildfires all over the state. I'm even using all my gray water to keep my indoor and outdoor plants alive.

    I saw a bit of an episode of The Midwife when I was waiting for Grantchester to start on Sunday night. That quote certainly reflects the sexism both then as well as today in most of the countries in the world. I saw the first 12 or 13 seasons of Midsomer Murders and loved it. Now it's on Netflix, and I see from your Techo Journal it's up to Season 17.

    I adore the way you used the tea bag holder in your journal. That's a fabulous trick. Thanks for sharing it, your FANTASTIC art, and Christmas shopping with us for T this Tuesday. I'm off soon to see your counterfeit journal where my guesses must be off course.

  4. Your art journals are exactly what the perfect art journal looks like in my mind. I love the work you do. I'd have loved some real snow, but that didn't happen this year. Happy T Tuesday!

  5. Delightful pages are this --- gorgeous!
    Happy T-Day Dianne!

  6. Hi Dianne,

    Happy T for Tuesday. Fake journal, that is different! I might have to investigate.

    Cazzy x

  7. We didn't get that snow but we did get some more cold. UGH, but they say some warmer weather is coming. Nice to see a forsythia sketch. Nice to see some spring. Happy T Day.

  8. Thankfully we haven't gotten any of the dreaded snow that's been blanketing everyone to the north and wast of us. Our Spring is in full swing , a couple of hard freezes last week but I think & pray that that was winters last blast here. Love all of your journal entries!


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