Friday, August 26, 2011

Asian Art Swap Pages

My friend Elizabeth, of Altered Book Lover fame,
organized a swap with a few folks to trade pages
with the theme to be chosen by each artist
for the pages they will receive. Rikae
has received her pages in the mail,
so I can show them to you without
spoiling any surprises...

Rikae chose Asian art as her theme,
using the color Jade, with touches of 
red and blue.  Since there are many 
shades of Jade, I just kind of winged it!
The image above was inspired by
art work that I saw at the Cleveland Museum of Art.
It is supposed to be a bird with its head
tucked beneath its wing.  The silhouette of
bamboo is a classic oriental theme, as is
the image of plum blossoms.

This quote seemed appropriate, 
and the decorations are from a wonderful
book called "The Grammar of Ornament"
by Owen Jones.  I frequently use it for
design inspiration!

The pocket, above, was made from some fabric
with an oriental-style design. The leaves are
detailed in gold thread.

The tag shows a design from a 
Columbus Museum of Art porcelain
piece, that is featured in a booklet I 
brought home from one of my visits.
The quote is from the Cleveland exhibit.
My bookcase is fairly overflowing with booklets,
free postcards, and books from my visits to 
exhibits!  But they are a great resource...
The back of the tag explains the inspiration
sources for each of the pages

What themes are favorites 
for your art inspiration?


  1. really lovely pages Dianne...I like Asian themes a lot and have been thinking about it myself recently

    have a good weekend

  2. I'm working on Rikae's tip-ins and having trouble forcing myself to use a theme AND a color. But you did a fantastic job and still kept within the boundaries of the swap parameters. These are lovely. I could view these all night long for inspiration! Sadly, I am on my way out the door, or I would be taking a much closer look at these tonight.

  3. Asian themed art is actually my favorite style to see. I loved seeing your take on it, especially the one with the bird and the tag. I'm sure artist you sent them to will love them!

  4. Lovely artwork Diane -thank you for sharing and also for commenting on my blog :)

  5. Gorgeous pages! I think I have Rikae next so this is some really good inspiration!

  6. So pretty. Delicate brush work!
    My favorite themes are usually the mysterious, something gothic or a bit unspecific as to era or purpose. That always makes me want to explore on a page!


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