Friday, August 26, 2011

American Folk Art Index Cards

This week I had trouble doing one 
index card each day...
so I did several in one day.
Not the idea of the challenge, I know,
but made me feel like I was
still staying on track.

All of these index cards were inspired
by folk art.

I bought a book at our local library sale
called "American Folk Decoration" by Jean Lipman.
The first copyright date was 1951!. My book is
a reprint from 1972.  Most of the images
in the book were black and white, however,
with one color plate in the front giving
recommendations for authentic colors to be 
used in the designs.

I've given them my own 'twist.'  One thing I 
really like about folk art is that the artists tended to
load up several leaf and flower designs on one stem.
And flowing curlicues abound on some of the designs.

Many folk art designs are symmetrical, which 
means that the design would have a central motif
with the designs on either side of it being a 
mirror of each other. But I personally prefer
asymmetrical designs.

'Lady Washington.'  This is inspired
by a historic sampler which showed both
Lady and General Washington.  I
"prettied her up" a bit, as the original
looked a bit like a man wearing a dress!
The head-dress and sleeves are
quite high style for the times 
I suppose...

Another folk art flower...
the top and bottom flowers are
designs that have developed over
years of making these.
I often try to incorporate as many
shapes and curlicues as possible
into one flower!

Hope your day blooms with art!
Visit the 'DaisyYellow' blog to see
more index card art.


  1. When it rains at your place, it pours: art that is! What lovely
    American Folk Art ICADs. Some of these look like they could go in a museum. I see why you draw on museum visits for your inspiration. Great pieces here

  2. I am in love with these cards! The soft colors with folk art design are just beautiful!


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