Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Another Art Journal

As I've mentioned before, I have several
art journals going at once...
this one was given to me by a dear friend
who saw it at a yard sale, and thought
it would be perfect for me.
So I am enjoying this little journal,
which is roughly 8" x 5."
The pages above utilize photocopies
of some drawings I did several
years ago, along with pen drawings
direct to page.

I tore out a few pages to make extra
room for collage pages,
which can get bulky after a few
accumulate in the journal.
The paper is rather like manilla paper,
so is probably not acid-free,
but I'm enjoying it anyway!
Not everything we do  has to be archival...
pages above, watercolor and
Sharpie pen. Below, collage with
assorted papers, watercolor,
fabric and Sharpie pen.

What will you be when you grow up?
Some of us are still considering...


  1. You do faces better than anyone I know. Your art drawings are superb and your journal pages are inspiring.

  2. Great pages! I really like your portraits and patterns! I agree with the statement that not everything needs to be archival. Look at the lovely antiques that have survived before we even knew what archival meant?


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