Friday, July 29, 2011

Index Cards for the End of July

Cover created for my spiral
index card pad
of index card art. (above)


"Chinese Porcelain Ornament"
Various motifs combined in
one design.

"Brussel Sprouts"

"Milk Glass"





Visit DaisyYellow to see more
index card art.


  1. I have always been impressed with your drawings. They are superb. I love the Zodiac and brussel sprouts. Everything is just gorgeous. Where do you find the time and patience to make all this lovely art, especially in this heat? Have I mentioned I'm so impressed!

  2. Amazing! My hubby is an Aries so I'm drawn to that one. :) They are all fantastic and so varied. Amazing! Yes... I had to say it again.

  3. I'm an Aries, and I don't consider myself bold & courageous...energetic maybe... I must admit that I've missed a few days with my index cards, but then I always make up for it by doing two or three the next time! And the prompts from DaisyYellow do help with the variety of subjects. Otherwise it would always be girls' faces, swirls & doodles!

  4. Love your index cards! I bought mine cards yesterday...going to join in the club.


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