Thursday, July 28, 2011

A New Book of Inspiration

Christine Clemmensen had a give-away over
at her Blog a while back...
and I was the lucky winner!!
I received the US version of the book
Scraps, that she has co-authored with
Elsbeth Gynther.  It is full of fun
and inspiration, and I love it!

It is not one of those step-by-step,
"make it my way" books, but a book that helps us
realize that collage is about "making choices." 
 The materials that you choose to create a collage
 will determine the mood of the final outcome.

To quote some comments on the back cover:
"Scraps" is an enchanting book that illustrates
 the transformative nature of collage."
                            ~~Jenny Doh

"Scraps" is overflowing with visual eye candy, inspiration,
 tips, and tricks you can use in your collages right away!
 A perfect addition to any paper artist's library."
                                       ~~Claudine Hellmuth

I especially liked the fact that the authors included
a section in the book that gives a simple explanation
of composition, and some ideas for how to organize
your collage.  To quote: "Viewers attain a certain calm
when their eyes are led around the composition."
Little sketches of the composition, or 'recipes' if you
are familiar with the scrapbooking term, 
accompany several of the collages, so you
can see how the composition translates into
the actual art piece. 

A wide variety of materials is shown in this book:
quirky and fun, exotic or vintage. 
It is "An Inspirational Field Guide to Collage"
 and an encouragement to trust your own abilities! 
Both beginning and experienced mixed media artists
will find this book from Lark Books a delightful resource.

Christine also included some of her lovely postcards
and other ephemera in my prize package. Thank you
so much Christine!  Please visit Christine's blog,
to view her gorgeous photos, and updates
on her creative pursuits.

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  1. Congratulations! I'm so happy for you, Dianne. I won her book when it first came out and I appreciate it. In fact, I looked at it a few weeks ago, just for inspiration.


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