Wednesday, July 6, 2011


A new Art Journal spread,
watercolor, hand-carved and commercial stamps,
crayon-watercolor resist,
and Sharpie marker.

This spread was indirectly inspired
by visiting my friend Marlynn's blog,
Honeysuckle Breeze.  She has been organizing,
straightening, and purging in her studio.
She mentioned watching the TV show
'Hoarders,' which I don't receive on my TV,
but after watching an episode on-line,
I really got motivated to start cleaning! 
This spread was completed
after sorting through a stash of scraps
and magazine clippings. 

I find it difficult to discard even the tiniest 
piece of painted paper, because of the potential
that I see in it! The above tiny collage measures
1 1/2 inches x 1 1/2 inches, and is 
located on the bottom left of the spread.

I did, however, throw away a lot of 
magazine clippings, as I have resolved
to use my own drawings, images, and prints
as much as possible in my collages.  I still have
a long way to go, but feel as though 
I made a little progress!


  1. Wow, I'm impressed. Like you, I hang onto too much paper fodder I think I'll use or incorporate in something. Then of course, I turn around and print images instead of using what I have. Unlike you, I can't draw, so I have to rely on images from various sources.

    Yes, I saw the small collage you had on your page. I'm always impressed when you add pieces like that to your art.

  2. LOL Dianne - Hoarders TV show is dangerous to your psyche! I know, I had to keep watching it all weekend long to keep clearning stuff out! And here is a dirty little secret - you haven't seen the other half of the room. ROFL - yes, it is hoarders (hanging my head in shame). I do have such difficulty throwing away one little pieces of paper. Hang in there and I will too. Love your art work!


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