Friday, July 22, 2011

Index Card Art

I was having issues with Blogger last night...
or my computer is not happy in this heat!
Or all of the above, as I wasn't able to
add any text to my blog post, or even see the scan
 on this post. Had to 'publish'
first and it was there on the blog, even though it didn't 
show up on my Compose screen.  Creepy.

The black and white background is a photocopy of
a drawing that I did several years ago, using Sharpie 
markers.  I cut up the photocopy and used portions
for this card. The berries were a scrap that I saved that
is acrylic on black card stock, hand-painted similar
to some medieval designs. The yellow & orange patterns
are origami paper.  The flower is from patterned
tissue paper gift wrap.  The bit of muslin was painted
with acrylics, and there is pink card stock behind it.
The bird came from on-line, but I apologize that I 
don't know the source.  These were all scraps that
I've saved and recently organized into zip lock 
baggies by color.

Went to the Cleveland Museum of Art
this week and thoroughly enjoyed myself!
Stay tuned for some sketches, notes, 
and information about my visit.


  1. That's gorgeous! Very cool. Are the background lines drawn?

  2. That's a really cool piece! I can't tell how much of you drew and what is printed material but I love the way you put them all together to make a whole...very nice!

  3. Very fun and colorful! I love your use of fabric in it. I have got to try some collage. I'm really falling in love with it through the icad challenge!


  4. I'm so glad you explained how you created this work of shear genius. You always make suchy great pieces and you NEVER disappoint.

  5. Very pretty! Love the combination of techniques.


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