Saturday, August 13, 2011

Index Card A Day (ICAD)

watercolor and Sharpie pen

"Three Children"
collage with fabric and painted paper

"Broken Heart 2"
collage with painted papers

"Zebra Pen"
drawn in ball point pen &
with Sharpie marker

"Broken Heart 1"
collage with painted & stamped papers

watercolor and assorted papers

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to be creative every day!


  1. In awe...I'm ever amazed at your collage skill. I was actually working on your "colors" pages today. Have one still in the process of the second.

  2. You have so many skills, collage and drawing to name only two. All of these are perfect. I really love the pen and Questions. Of course, I like ANYTHING you make.

  3. Great cards! Especially love the three children one.

  4. Diane, all of your cards are excellent icads. My favorite is the first doodle one, great colours and pretty forms. Thanks for sharing!


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