Friday, August 5, 2011

A Week of Pink Index Cards

"Roses and Leaf" (above)
As I was scanning my
'Index Card a Day' art work
I realized there was a lot
of pink. Not a bad thing,
but not intentional.

"Pink Moon and Spiral" (above)
The scraps that were on my table
were from the 'pink assortment.'
And I just went with what
was at hand.

"Self-Portrait" (above)
I am out of practice...
eyes are too close together
and the glasses are too small.
But there is a resemblance...

"Pink Circles" (above)
Painted papers, scrapbook papers,

"Pink and Green" (above)
Acrylic on fabric, painted papers,
and Sharpie pen.

"Dress Sketch"
Sharpie pen

"Grass Silhouette"
Painted papers and
card stock scraps.

"Collage with Heads"
Fabric, stitching, stamping,
painted paper, and a
commercial collage sheet image.
(sorry, don't know the source, it was a gift)

"Cultivate Community"
Sharpie pen, striped fabric,
collage paper, magazine clipping.

I filled up the spiral index card pad,
and these are loose cards. They definitely
are easier to scan.  Still haven't tired
of the challenge and am enjoying getting
in a quick art exercise each day!
Thanks to DaisyYellow for
the challenge and the prompts!


  1. Love the index cards....great colors and designs. Since I've never met you, I think your self portrait, is wonderful...but I know what you mean, I just did one of myself and I NEED practice, there is a resemblance but that is it.

  2. I agree that sometime pink is not a bad thing. Although pink is not my thing, I always enjoy seeing what you make from scraps on your table. As always, had fun seeing the pieces you created. Nicely done and I can't believe you already filled an entire pad of index cards. It's been fun watching this daily thing turn into wonderful frame-able art that anyone would be proud to own.

  3. Your cards are lovely. I love all the pink. It's not the first color I reach for, but I sure like the way it looks when someone else uses it. Maybe I should challenge myself to use it this week. Your sketches look great to me. I don't feel comfortable with my drawing skills, so I am a chicken and stick mostly with collage.

  4. Pretty pink! Love all the pink cards, but the drawing is great too, small eyes or not. I like it.

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