Friday, August 19, 2011

Index Card A Day (ICAD) Update

mixed media collage

"Color Burst"
watercolor and Sharpie pen

"Crazy Cake"
Sharpie pen and watercolor

Sharpie pen

"Pink Lady"
mixed media collage

Sharpie pen, scrapbook paper, ribbon

in Sharpie pen...
I should have taken photos too, but
failed to do so.  Sketch of the many
vintage things to be found in an
antique mall.


  1. I am so amazed at your wide range of art skills. That's not even exactly what I mean but you have such variety and it's all done so well and so beautifully. I admire your art very much...even just on lowly index cards.

  2. What a treat! So colorful and I love the diversity of the art and subjects. Very inspiring. Thx for sharing.

  3. Beautiful work, such variety, you are gifted, enjoyed the view!

  4. A great combination of ICADs!!

    I especially love "Color Burst".

  5. Great cards! I'd love a slice of that crazy cake ;-)

  6. Your cards are all the crazy cake one and the silhouettes one!!!

  7. I really like the "Ticket" with the calendar page, as well as the "Crazy Cake." But I think my favorite is "Color Burst" because I see so much in it. Your ICADs are a real joy, and I'll be sad when the project is over.


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