Collage on T Tuesday

A collage made from some scraps
in honor of Earth Day, and
Elizabeth's T Tuesday.  Included are:
 brown craft paper with craft acrylics,
scrap of kleenex box cardboard,
scraps of fabric, painted papers,
tea bag tag, 
watercolor paint over book text,
and text cut from a book.

Spread in the Mini Smash book, with another 
tea bag tag and kleenex cardboard. I drew the 
cupcake, the lettering was already printed on
the background page and I went over it
with a marker to darken it.  On the right,
the black and white border came from 
junk mail.  Thought a recipe was in order
to go with my tea, since I don't usually
buy baked goods!  I haven't actually tried
this recipe yet, but it sounds wonderful!

Hope you will visit 
Elizabeth and Bluebeard for
T Tuesday... and
also stop by my Fake Journal Blog-
to see what my 'altered ego'
has been doing this April!

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Easter Greetings

---just sayin'.

Please visit my Fake Art Journal blog:
I only do a 'fake journal' in April each year,
and there are only 13 days left.

See if you can figure out what
my character does
and why those things
are in my journal...


Random Thoughts on T Tuesday

Week 16 of the Documented Life Project:
add a cardboard box (from food) to your page.
Since we had yet MORE SNOW last night,
on April 15, 2014!
strawberries and sunshine
sound pretty darn good
right about now...

A recycled folder that I lightly sanded
and painted to make a little book...
paper yet to be added in pamphlet stitch.

A page in my Eco Green Smash book-
recording my grandson's comment about
my bag matching my clothes. How many
8 yr.-old boys notice that?! and
how cool is that?!

Practicing caricatures for a
local prom...
no erasing when you are working
solely in marker!

Had to break out the snowman mug today...
so tired of being cold...
visit Bluebeard and Elizabeth for
to share a warm beverage and
random thoughts...

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Tea Cups and Documentation- T Tuesday

A tea cup for my Fake Journal 2014...
see the post on my blog

Continuing with the
Week 15 was a challenge to
create a page using a monochromatic
color scheme:  shades and tints of
all one color.  This is an attempt
at a self-portrait (wrinkles removed!)
using watercolors.  The dark red
was tinted with a bit of purple for
the darkest shade.
I guess I am so 'serious' because it's
difficult to keep smiling while I'm
focusing on the painting!

Another image from my Fake Journal 2014.
Watercolor and Pitt pen.  Design from a
tea cup. I really like the tan/gray color
combined with the soft blue...

Linking up with Elizabeth and Bluebeard
Have a nice hot cup of something
and join her for Assemblage Fun!

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Drawing ~ Documented Life Project

The Documented Life Project:
Week 13. Have someone draw 
on your page.  Finish it.
I didn't strictly have mom draw directly
on my page. This is a copy of a fashion
drawing that she did around 1950 or so.
(Below) She drew with pencil, then
inked with a dip pen and India ink.
I had a copy made on card stock, 
then watercolored it and added the
quote by CoCo Chanel.
Don't you love her drawing?
Thanks Mom!

Week 14.  Write your name. Decorate.
I was inspired by graffiti on railroad cars.
(Below) Sketched in pencil, then
Sharpie pen, then watercolors.

I am having so much fun doing art journals
that not much is getting done around the 
house. But a person has to have priorities...

Above, a page in my Eco Green Smash Book.
When I find bits of art projects that I am 
not sure what to do with, it has been ending
up in the Smash book...if I can make it fit!

Hope you will find time to make 
some art today!

April Fish on T Tuesday


From Wikipedia:
"In 1508, a French poet, Eloy d'Amerval referred to a Poisson d'avri
(April fool, literally "April fish") a possible reference to the holiday.
In 1539, Flemish poet Eduard de Dene wrote of a nobleman who 
sent his servants on foolish errands on 1 April. 
 In 1698, several people were tricked into
going to the Tower of London to 'see the Lions washed.' "

"The tradition in France, and in French-speaking Canada
includes attempting to attach a paper fish to the
victim's back without being noticed- poisson d'avril-
(literally 'April's fish) and is also widespread in
other nations such as Italy.  The Flemish tradition
is for children to lock out their parents or teachers,
only letting them in if they promise to bring
treats the same evening or the next day."

"In 1957, the BBC pulled a prank, known as the
Swiss Spaghetti Harvest prank, where they 
broadcast a fake film of Swiss farmers picking
freshly-grown spaghetti.  The BBC were later
flooded with requests to purchase spaghetti
plants, forcing them to declare the video as a prank
 on the news the next day."

To read the Top Hoaxes perpetrated on April Fool's Day
and have a good laugh!

It's time to begin my Fake Journal 2014 Project,
so be sure to visit Cottonwood Counterfeit Journal
to see what my 'alter ego' is up to--no foolin'!

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Joining Elizabeth for her T Tuesday link party...
and sharing a collage 
created with a tea bag -- just because
I liked that wonderful leaf green color!
Hope you have a fun day...
and enjoy a good joke!

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Counterfeit on T Tuesday

Tuesday is the day that Elizabeth and Bluebeard
(Elizabeth's dignified cat) have a Link Party
over at Altered Book Lover blog.
We share what we have in our cups
(mine is coffee, not tea) and what project
we are working on, so visit the gang for T Tuesday!

I purchased a new mug on was
on sale -- I love a good sale! --- and it
has a retro-style Mini Mouse on one side,
and Mickey on the other. Fun and delightful!

My messy table with piles of paper, art journals,
decorative tape, watercolors, and my
Documented Life Journal.  It is addicting...
one calendar page per week to keep track of
my schedule, and three surfaces on the right to
make art or journal. (In this photo, the flap on
the right is covered by the loose back cover
 that folds over/into the book.

I bought some cheap fluorescent craft paint
a while back, and have enjoyed using it for 
postcards and journal pages.  It is more
transparent than other craft paint, so it requires
a bit of practice to get used to...Love the intensity
of the colors.  This photo was taken on our new camera
and I think I was using a 'pop art' the 
color may be even more intense...

I've created another blog, called
for my Fake Journal projects.
Every April, Roz Stendahl of
Roz Wound Up conducts a challenge
to create a Fake Journal.
  What is a Fake Journal?
You can choose who you want to be,
what you do for a living, and how you
make your journal....
make up a fantastic story, or just
draw from a different perspective.
Visit Roz on the challenge blog at
So far, I've journaled from the perspective
of a Native American shaman, and a 
student of Asian art and philosophy.
My fake journal posts in April this year
will be posted on my blog
to see what adventures I will have
beginning in April!

Happy Spring to all...

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Collage Tutorial: magazine scraps

Documented Life Project
Week 12 challenge:
Cut up magazine, add to page.
I used bits of floral patterns cut from
photos of clothing.  I extended the
patterns onto the book text background
by drawing additional 
bits of the motif in Sharpie pen.

Here is a tutorial on my process...

I found an advertisement with a promising looking 
flower and some oval shapes.  I also decided to
use a page of book text for background.

I cut out some of the oval shapes with scissors.
Then drew a black outline around the flower
with a black Sharpie pen.  Be sure to let it 
dry completely before cutting out.  The glossy 
paper tends to make the ink smear easily.
I saved the text for later use...

I chose to put my collage on the
watercolor paper tip-in on the right of
the spread, and applied a gray watercolor
wash to the paper. I chose gray because of the
decorative gray tape that had been used when
preparing my planner.  The use of a variety of tapes
was pretty random, and has been a fun
and interesting additional challenge each week.
Sometimes it affects my pages, and sometimes
I just kind of ignore it.  I used yellow watercolor
with a bit of orange and brown on the 
book text page because of the yellow 
 and golden magazine cut outs.

A strip of yellow fabric on my work surface
caught my eye, so I decided to use that also.
The brownish-golden shapes seem too dark
for my taste...

so I decided to try using a bit of scrapbook paper,
and drawing a wonky circle on it.  I tried applying
yellow watercolor, but the surface was a bit too glossy
for it to work well, so I dabbed it with a napkin and
used an orange marker to add some color.

Some more scrapbook paper with 
polka dots and stripes brightened things up
a bit, and after moving things around on the
page, I decided to glue them down in a 
staggered configuration on the page.
The darker magazine ovals went behind
the other shapes for an 'outline' effect.

I added magazine letters to spell out
'Color Therapy.'  Almost done!
Next, I want to add drawing, to 
help blend the collage elements
with the background.

I drew leaves, branches of berries,
and added more 'wonky' outlines around
the scrapbook circles.  I drew an outline
and shadows beneath the letters. I always
put the shadow on the right and below...
I formed that habit in high school when we
had a unit on lettering and calligraphy!

Finally, I added a bit more black watercolor,
very lightly so it would be gray, where I had
drawn the diagonal lines for shadows, 
and along the strip of fabric on the right.
I painted leaves along the left margin to 
echo the pattern of the tape, and added
yellow highlighter to the berries.

I usually try to have repetition of shapes
and color in my collages, and have an
odd number of shapes as well. (but not always!)
I think asymmetrical is more interesting.

I am thoroughly enjoying my
Documented Life planner...
not that I live that interesting a life,
but it reminds me to enjoy and
take note of day-to-day things,
and be grateful for them.

Visit Art to the 5th blog
for more inspiration!

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Counted Cross Stitch Greetings

The Luck of the Irish 
to you!

♣   ♣   ♣

Documented Life Project-Cottonwood Style

The Documented Life Project is a
Planner/Calendar/Art Journal project
created & moderated by 5 artists.
You can read more about it on

We are now in Week 11, and
the challenge this week was to
draw, photograph or collage a bird
onto your page. I already had this 
bird stamped onto a scrap of paper
so I collaged it onto a watercolor
background and added drawings
of leaves around it. The top border is
a strip of scrapbook paper.

To see my page from week 1 go here,

Above, the week 2 challenge:
Add a self-portrait to your page.

Week 3 challenge:
Put an envelope from your mail 
on your page. This was an ad for 
parents to buy life insurance for their kids.
Fun illustration on the envelope, so in it went.
I added another pocket made from
an envelope liner, and created
 tags for the pockets.

Week 4 challenge: Write a note to 
yourself and paint over all but one word.

Week 5 challenge: Draw a doodle border.
My border was Kandinsky inspired!

Week 6 challenge: Use a Pinterest board
to inspire your art on the page. The blogger
of Idemakeriet gave me permission to create
art from her lovely photo on the blog.

Week 7 challenge: Draw a shape.
Repeat. Add color.

Week 8 challenge: Add a flap to your flap.
Most pages of the Planner/Journal I made have
a flap 'tipped in' on the non-calendar page, 
on the right of the spread--
by using decorative tape to adhere the additional page.
It folds in when the book is closed. (I am
not sure that description even makes sense!)
For this challenge I added a small flap that 
opened vertically, which gives more space to add
art on the back side of the flap, and underneath it!

Week 9 challenge: Collage something
recycled onto your page.  I used security envelope
liners, copy of a map, video arcade ticket, old 
postage stamp, banana label, hole reinforcements,
book text, 'watercolor' torn from cover of a 
small watercolor pad.

Week 10 challenge: Make a list of the
things that make you YOU.  
List made in Sharpie pen, with 
ledger paper and scrapbook paper.
Had to add ETC. at the end
'cause well, there just isn't enough
room. But maybe you get the idea...

This little collage is on the back side of the 
Week 10 challenge. Really like the way it
turned out. Having painted papers 
made up and ready to use makes the 
collage come together much more 
quickly, and I always seem to have plenty
of scrapbook paper scraps to use!

Visit Art to the 5th if you are interested in
joining the challenge. There is a Facebook group
which is very supportive, and also a Flickr group.
Of course you don't have to 'catch up' unless 
you want to, and it's your journal so you can
make it your own in all ways.
  I wonder
 if I will be able to stick with it for a year...I 
figure one page a week is easy enough to do,
we will see.  What art are you making these days?

♥  ♥  ♥

Here's hoping that Spring is almost here,
and that you have a green St. Patrick's Day!

♣  ♣  ♣