Techo Pages

Pages in my Hobonichi Techo...random stuff, what I did, heard on the radio, or even crazy stuff I saw. You just never know...

T Tuesday

I am learning to make blog posts from my Android smartphone... It's a whole new learning experience. Maybe there will be a new computer in the future, but that would be assuming we find time to go shop for one...

Not sure I will be able to figure out the link up process, but do visit Elizabeth over at Altered Book Lover for  a beverage and a chat.

T Tuesday: Techo, Tea, and Treasures

Some days my Hobonichi Techo becomes
a Bullet Journal with illustrations.
A Bullet Journal (or Planner, or Organizer) 
seems to be one of the current
 enthusiasms On-Line these days. 
All types of Planners are available.
(and accessories to go with them)
I am NOT that organized.
Writing stuff down does help...or else
I will forget the errands I intended to
do before I even get out the door!
And I do love to make it pretty...
and fun...and random. instead of tea. Most days.
I did not draw these monsters. They
are stickers. Aren't they cute?!
Sometimes I get grumpy about rain
 and dreary, cloudy days.

And then, just in time for my eye
doctor appointment, and the dreaded
dilation of the eyes, the sun comes out!
I won't complain though. Sunshine cheers
me up immensely.  And cheap sunglasses
(can't you hear ZZ Top singin' it?)
are really helpful. I actually put a pair
of clip-on sunglasses on my prescription
glasses, and then another pair of 
sunglasses over that!

Poor hubby had some unpleasant
oral surgery, so I've been trying to
figure out what soft foods can
'make a meal.'  (I don't have a blender)
Hence the list of mushy foods.
Mashed potatoes and gravy seems
to be his favorite...but he's 
dreaming of milkshakes.

I hope you will stop by my
to see what my 2016 Fake character is 
drawing and painting...can you
guess what my character does?

Linking up with Bleubeard and Elizabeth
for the T Tuesday blog hop, in which we
share a beverage and whatever is on
our minds. Stop by for some interesting
photos and activities, maybe even 
some treats along with a beverage.

'Wedding Cake' hot air balloon~

Techo Tuesday

Hobonichi Techo
illustrated diary/art journal of sorts.
A tea bag wrapper made into a
little pocket in my Techo...

which qualifies me to 
Link up with Elizabeth and Bleubeard's
T Tuesday group. Every Tuesday we share a 
beverage, and pretty much anything
else that's going on.  Elizabeth has been
sharing some creative recycling tutorials,
so check them out!

I showed these 'pear trees' previously,
but the blank space beside them needed
something. Enter the painted scrap of 
paper...just for a fun contrast. It may 
also need a word above that...we'll see.

Any bit of random info can 
go in here...

I like the sound of "some serious
monkey business..."  love 
Curious George! Saw this in a 
cute new book, (sorry, didn't write down
the title) and it looked like it could be 
used as a high school graduation present. 
 It had fun observations 'for life' from 
Curious George's misadventures...

Acckk! I am so over snow right now.
I think there may be some serious
groundhog hunting going on around here.
Watch out Buckeye Chuck and 
Punxatawny Phil...

I invite you to visit my Fake Journal blog
to take a look my 2016 fake journal.
  See what you can figure out
 about my character...

What's up with you?

Hobonichi Techo Pages

I really should try to write smaller
so I can get more on the page...

Visit my Fake Journal Blog
see how my 2016 Fake Journal
is taking shape...

"Shift in Place" is the theme this year.
See if you can figure out 
anything about my character...

♦  •  ♦

Tuesday TECHO Pages

Enjoying the first signs of Spring
here in Ohio...

I hope everyone who celebrates
Easter had a lovely holiday with
family and friends...and perhaps
a few goodies!

Linking up for T Tuesday over
at the Altered Book Lover blog...
where we share our beverage of
choice, and a wide assortment 
of...well, most anything! Do stop by
for a visit...

Rusty Swap Pages

There's something about being in an Art swap 
that can get you thinking outside the box. 
Often you are given a subject or color or
 material to work with that you don't normally
 use.  Very good for making your brain
 look for alternative solutions.

Elizabeth has received her Rust Pages
from me, and has asked me to post 
them. Above, painted card stock,
scrapbook paper, fabric, and brass ornament.

Collage and pocket with tag. I used
text and images from a vintage book,
fabric, magazine scrap and a vintage button.
Paint is either acrylic or gouache in
Burnt Sienna. Please pardon the blurry
scan. The 3 dimensional quality of the
button causes that, but I felt you'd still
get a better view than from a photo.

Assorted papers, brass label frame, thread,
washer and tiny key. Acrylic paint and 
permanent marker used to 'rust up'
the metal washer.

Corrugated cardboard, book text,
computer generated text, acrylic 
paints and gesso.

My favorite page! The old truck is from a 
roadside photo that I took with my phone in
2015. I think it was at a truck stop in Kentucky
or Alabama. This old gem was just sitting 
out front as a decoration, I guess!
Watercolor and Sharpie pen on 
watercolor paper.  The license plate was
drawn and painted from an image on the 
internet. The license plate is definitely
my favorite part. The metal clip prompted
the painted swirls on the next page...

Acrylic, assorted papers, and computer-
generated text:
"Patina- a surface appearance of
something grown beautiful with
age or use."

Of course, there was quite a bit of
coffee consumed while creating
these pages, and while creating 
this post... Linking up with Elizabeth
for her T Tuesday T party...
drop by for some inspiration and
a cup of tea. (or coffee!)

Peepers, Lambs and a Dragon in my Techo

Still drawing and painting in my
Hobonichi Techo.  Yes, I did watch
the final episode of Downton Abbey.
Sad to see it end.  Is it too much to
hope for a holiday special?

The dragon art is inspired by the cover
art work on "A Dance with Dragons" by
George Martin.  Rereading the last book,
trying to re-familiarize myself with the 
complex plot and numerous characters.
The author needs to publish the
next book already. It's been five years!

The chorus of Spring Peepers is
pretty loud around here...and the
monsoons have begun. Well, ok.
Maybe not monsoons, but our 
yard is a lake right now.

I did this sketch of lambs without realizing
that this breed is born mostly black (with
a few grayish white markings) and then
the wool turns white later...

Lamb sketch done from a 'phone photo'
taken in the barn--my daughter and SIL's
newborn lambs.  Sooo cute!  It gets
complicated if the mother rejects any of
them though.  A lot of work. Fingers
crossed that the babies all make it
this year...

Recycling a coffee sketch for the 
T Tuesday blog hop, 
in which we can blog about whatever
we are up to, as long as there is a
 beverage-related image.  Join us!