Tutorial for Collage

How do you create a collage?
There is more than one way to
approach any art process...
but here I will share one of
the ways that I create collage
in my visual art journals.

1.) Apply watercolor to the page. Notice that for this particular background I did not blend the colors into one another, but left 'hard edges', (not blended) or even a little white space between colors.

2.) Collect/choose an assortment of papers and images that could be used in the collage. I usually use the background colors as a guideline.  Above: ledger paper, graph paper, stamped cardstock, my drawings with watercolor on cardstock, vintage game piece images, fabric, scrapbook paper, and a random ticket. Not all of them will end up in the final collage. Part of the fun for me is sorting through what I have on hand.

The possibilities for use of ephemera are pretty much endless!  From junk mail to vintage photos, the images you choose to use in your work will give the collage its own unique quality.

3.)  Arrange your chosen collage elements on the background.  This will take some trial and error. Move around the shapes and images, until satisfied with the arrangement.

Once I chose the bee image, that suggested the leaves and the flower. "Tea with honey" and the little tea cup drawing were chosen to go along with the T Tuesday theme over at The Altered Book Lover Blog. 

Various printed papers, like the ledger and graph paper give additional texture and color to the composition. I also like lined yellow or white writing paper. I've included a scrap of tissue-box-cardboard (blue behind the flower) and my own painted and drawn doodles. The British stamp was chosen simply for color and shape. Color is usually the dominant factor that helps me choose the collage elements.

4.) Add lines in pen to the background.  This helps unify the collage elements with the background.  (At this point, other mediums could also be added: pencil, pastel, acrylic paints, etc.  I chose to keep the number of layers to a minimum)

The overall flow of the shapes, spaces, lines and color should keep your eye moving over the surface of the collage. With collage, if something isn't quite working, you can remove it and replace it with something else, or just cover it up with paint or another piece of paper.

Here's a diagram of the shapes I've chosen and how the basic layout forms somewhat of an oval to guide your eye through the collage...

Since we read from left to right, our eye tends to also read the composition of an art work in the same way.  I keep that in mind and try to make an 'easy entry' point in the upper left hand corner of the work.  Of course, Eastern art and writing don't read from left to right, so it all depends on how you choose to work.  As we often are reminded, there is no 'right' or 'wrong' in art.

Linking up with 
Bleubeard and Elizabeth
for the T Tuesday link-up party.
All you have to do is include
a reference to a beverage to
join in.  Tea is good, but I am
a coffee lover too! Share a photo,
poem, art work, recipe or anything 
beverage related.  Maybe even
a tutorial?!

Enjoy your tea with honey...
and enjoy some art
with collage.

Coffee and Collage on T Tuesday~2015

After some digital 'digging', I think I've found
my first T Tuesday post...you can see it here.
It seemed appropriate to re-post this since
Elizabeth and Bleubeard are celebrating
the second anniversary of T Tuesday.
All you have to do is post something
drink-related and link up at the
Altered Book Lover Blog.

I have done a number of tea cups
and collages posted on Tuesdays, and
 thought it might be fun to revisit 
a few of them...

sometimes there is part of a tea bag...

and sometimes just a cup.
But there is always a friendly
visit with other bloggers.

My visitors will usually find some
art to go with your morning beverage,
or maybe even some stitching.

Visit Elizabeth's blog here
to join in.  There's even a
swap of ATC's to celebrate
the anniversary, so stop by!

Green Tea Tuesday

I've mentioned before that
I tend to have several 
art journals in progress
at one time...

but when I come across
a journal that hasn't had 
an entry for three years,
and still isn't completed...

 I decided it's time to remedy the 
situation.  The first entry in
this journal is from 2006! 
The most recent drawings were 
dated 2012. So I've dubbed this journal 
"The On Again ~Off Again" journal...
there are several stops and
starts with gaps of a year or two
in between.  It is interesting to see
the changes/similarities in my work.
There are only about twelve more
'spreads' left to finish the pages, so
I've decided this little journal is 
'next up' to be completed.

I wonder if perhaps I've had
 too many "irons in the fire" at once?

Linking up with Elizabeth's
T Tuesday blog party, with
another wobbly tea cup drawing,
and a bit of collage. This green tea
with pomegranate, raspberry and
strawberry is quite enjoyable, and
of course colorful packaging is 
also a plus for collage fodder! 

Elizabeth's Tea Tuesday link party
will celebrate its second anniversary
next week, so do join us for


Travel Journaling ~ on T Tuesday

Travel Journaling is the theme for
The Documented Life Project for June 2015.
This week the challenge was 
illustrative journaling. Of course I chose
to draw, but there are many other ways of
illustrating your experiences while traveling.
Collaging illustrations from travel brochures,
 maps, and photos would all be great possibilities.

As usual, I did some sketching while hubby
drove the car.  It's kind of amazing the
 things you can see along the road
 to draw ~ when you are looking
for them!  The crumpled orange barrel
still makes me smile...a classic icon for
driver frustration.  Please do click on the image
to see the details, especially the
'Blasting Ahead' sign!
(There were no signs of actual 'blasting'
as we drove through the area, however,
thank goodness!)

We had a wonderful time in Tennessee for
a couple of days, just visiting our son's family
and spending time at the pool. 

I draw in my calendar/agenda...after 
participating in The
Documented Life Project 2014, I wasn't
ready to give up decorating an 
agenda-type journal.  This isn't
 nearly as complex as last 
year's, but has enough space to draw
and collage when the inspiration strikes.

Linking up with Bleubeard and Elizabeth
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we share a beverage, and what we've
been 'up to.'  Visit the link to
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Artist Trading Card: watercolor & pen

  I hope you are having
some summer fun, and 
enjoying each moment 
to the fullest!

Break Time

Sharing my clear glass coffee mug
with the gang over at Elizabeth's
T Tuesday blog hop...
Mickey looks like he's enjoying
his break with a doughnut!
This mug appeals to me
just because it's clear glass. Whatever
beverage you are drinking shows
through, which is kind of fun
...and of course you can't
go wrong with Mickey Mouse!
Again, the proportions of the mug 
aren't quite right, and trying to convey
the clear glass reflections
is always a challenge. But the more
you practice, the more it helps.
At least in theory...

Whether you're having something
cold to drink...

or a magic potion...

join us for a beverage and
a chat over at Elizabeth's blog.
You can even visit some classic
blog posts for the second time around
as a bonus. 

♦ ◘ ♦ 

Tea or Coffee?

"This is what we do."

"We have fun."

Life was so much simpler
in elementary school...

...a wonky drawing of a tall-ish
square-ish coffee mug...
and some fun quotes. It's
also an example of what happens
when you watercolor over a pen
drawing that you thought was
permanent, and then discover
that it's 'not quite permanent'
after all. But the fuzziness isn't
too unappealing...

...an observation about one
of my favorite British tv shows,
Midsomer Murders. (click on the
image for a larger view)

Linking up with the
T Tuesday gang over at
Altered Book Lover blog...

"We have fun."


Congratulations to
all the graduates out there...


○ ♥ ○

Fabric of Our Lives

The fabric of our lives 
is woven by those with whom
we choose to spend our time...

The Documented Life Project 2015-
The Journal,  Week 18.
The challenge was to use fabric
on the page...one of my favorite
things to add to a collage!
Of course there had to be stitching
and painted papers too...and
I'm enjoying finding diagrams
to add to the mix.

Linking up to Elizabeth's
T Tuesday blog party...
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to see what the group
is sharing today.

Collage for Quick Relief

When I don't have time to do a
detailed drawing, I can still find 
time to do a quick collage from
doodles, various papers,
and scraps.

It fulfills my need to create,
and can be done in stages or
when I have a short period
of time.

Making the time to make
art every day is important
to my happiness.

Touch the Stream

Documented Life Project 2015
~The Journal:  Week 15
The challenge was acrylic paint,
the prompt was "Cry me a river."
I painted an imaginary scene by an
imaginary river, and added a quote.

Week 14 challenge was to
work with watercolors, and the
prompt was "water under the
bridge."  The border is watercolor
and pen cut from another piece
of painted paper, then glued to
the acrylic paint background,
and completed by another quote.

Linking up with Elizabeth
for T Tuesday, over at
Altered Book Lover Blog...
and sharing a 'tea' collage
from 2014.

Only a few days left for
this year's  Fake Journal ~ April's
to see what my character has been
up to in the Fake Journal. Maybe
you can guess what my character
does for a living. A couple of people
have figured it out so far...
leave me a comment with
your ideas!