Tabs on Tuesday

I am still keeping up with the
The Documented Life Project~
I can't believe the year is nearly over!
Above, the challenge was to add Tabs
to the page. I used some scrapbook
papers and a Loteria  card to make flaps
with tabs.

Click on the image for a better view...
I did a bit of collage on the underside of the flaps,
and added my own handwriting on
 the watercolor paper beneath the flaps.

The spread beneath the tip in shown above...
additional collage with scrapbook paper,
another loteria card, and things I've drawn.
You can see the adhesive number showing
that this was for week 45.

The orange, tan and yellow collage was for the
challenge to include fabric on your page.
Stitching, counted cross stitch, and papers
are accented with chalk pastels.

Linking up to Elizabeth's blog for T Tuesday, 
with a re-post of a tea collage, and
the snow man mug...

We had our first accumulation of snow
this week, and it's bitter cold!  Well, at least
to me it is...maybe folks in Alaska or 
Minnesota would scoff at 10 degrees...
but my car won't start.  We are thinking 
a new battery is in order.

Hope you enjoy your tea or coffee today,
and stop by Elizabeth's blog.

Little Things on Journal Pages

Art deco motifs and poetry quotes
combine to create this 
art journal page, above.

I had several restaurant meals
this week, and the temptation to eat
too many high calorie foods can
sometimes be avoided by 
drawing my food!

These colorful tea bag wrappers
went onto a journal page.  The
cranberry muffin recipe is a good one!
You may notice that I've substituted
applesauce for the oil in the recipe.
Still tastes great and less calories.
Now is the time of year when I stock
up on bags of fresh cranberries and
put them in the freezer, then I have 
them to use in recipes most of the year.

Sharing my coffee cup and art with
the T Tuesday link party over at
Elizabeth's Altered Book Lover blog.
She's making homemade tea bags...
what are you creating today?

I am looking forward to receiving
 my copy of the book 
Art Journal Kickstarter, in which
I have had one of my art journal pages
published.  You can see the cover
of the book here.  I hope you will
check it out when it hits the store
shelves, which should be soon.
I love art journaling, can you tell?

Art Journal Kickstarter

I am so pleased to tell you that
on of my art pieces has been published
book , shown above.  The book is 
available now on Amazon, and should
be in stores in a couple of weeks.
I'm really looking forward to
receiving my copy.  If you need
an artistic Christmas gift, this 
would fit the bill!  Can't wait
for it to arrive...

Turning Leaves on T Tuesday

Turning leaves, thread, and textiles
make me happy. Above, the
Documented Life Project page for week 44-
Leaves.  I chose to stitch leaves in bright yellow
fabric, collaged with burlap and canvas. The
background page is text from a vintage book
about knights.  You may be able to see that it
was a drawing of a  sea port.  Mostly obscured
by the collage, but the old paper was a good 
weight and some fun illustrations to work with.

Collage and watercolor:
"Come, little leaves," said the wind one day,
Come o'er the meadows with me and play;
Put on your dresses of red and gold,
For summer is gone and the days grow cold."
--George Cooper, Come, Little Leaves

Happy Autumn, falling leaves...
the right side of the spread shows another
illustration from the book about knights.
Can you spot the geometry page?

Watched the movie 'Princess Bride' again this week.
It still makes me laugh...and decided to add 
a quote from the movie to these pages.

Linking up with Elizabeth and Bleubeard for
the Turning Leaves are nearly gone in our
neck of the woods.  The wind has done its
job and the trees are becoming their 
bare winter sculptural shapes.

Have a cup of tea, or coffee, and enjoy
the last few days of sunshine!
I think a walk outside is 
in order for today...

"Autumn. The year's last,
loveliest smile."

The Documented Life Project -

Art to the 5th blog has been hosting a year-long
challenge called The Documented Life Project.
Each week there is a different prompt to create
a mixed media page in your art journal/planner.
Above, a two-page spread from the challenge

Week 39: Drips and Splatters.
Watercolor, Sharpie pen, and adhesive numbers.

Above, the challenge was to use 3 colors
that you never use together.  I chose
purple, green and orange.

Polka dots are fun, in all shapes & sizes!
Mixed media collage: Watercolor, scrapbook paper,
painted papers, Sharpie pen, & Washi tape.

Each week there is a tip-in (that's why there's tape or
fabric on the side of the page) that flips open to reveal
a two-page spread.  Above, mixed media collage~

Stars:  mine are 'Medieval.'
This text page that I used for the tip-in
already had stars on it!  (right side
illustration-shields) How did that
happen when I prepared this 
11 months ago!?  Delightful...
from a book about knights.

"Draw what you see."
The king lurking in the background was
on the vintage page that I had removed
from an old library book and used as
my tip-in page.  I drew the apples in
Sharpie marker and added watercolor.

What challenges have you been doing?

Travel on T Tuesday

Smash book pages recently created
in my Eco Green Smash book...
the pumpkin theme continues!
Above, some ideas that I drew for
Halloween Artist Trading Cards.
Loved the adorable goofy pumpkins 
on the scrapbook paper I bought!

I exchanged an ATC with Dawn over 

Love the colors, the zentangles,
and the cute ribbon~
Thanks Dawn!
I taped her atc into the book with 
decorative tape...

and underneath the atc I drew a Harvest Moon.

My Travel for the week was a quick trip
to Mammoth Cave in Kentucky where we met our
son and his family.  Had a great time,
even though it rained every day. We were
very thankful that we 'camped' in a cabin
and not a CAN
 roast marshmallows in a drizzling rain!

I like to sketch scenes along the roadside
while we drive.  These mystery plants that had
been frosted had marvelous brown 'heads' and
an almost glowing lime-green stem.  Perhaps they
were little sunflowers? I am not sure, but we
only saw them on a short stretch of highway.
Had fun sketching the corn field too...

Bits of songs and silly conversations,
and radio can be a bit random,
don't you think?!  And when the grand kids
are not in the car, I have to be the one to
ask, "Are we there yet?"

On our way home, the fall foliage was rather
obscured by the cloudy day and rain, but
I still enjoyed the autumn colors.

Having my mocha coffee this morning
in my panda mug, which is getting more chipped
over time, but I can't bear to retire it!
Hope you will enjoy some tea or coffee today,
some color~ or some pumpkin!
Linking up with Elizabeth for T Tuesday...

Tricks and Twaddle

If I designed my own travel mug...
it would have curlicues and curling leaves
and a scary pumpkin face...

a grinning cat face seems a bit creepy too.
Very toothy grins and bulging eyes...

while sipping my mocha coffee and surveying the
grinning pumpkins and cats, an old folk poem comes to mind:
"from ghoulies and ghosties and long leggity beasties
and other things that go bump in the night,
good Lord deliver us!"

Linking up with Elizabeth for T Tuesday
link party.  Join us!

Time for Pumpkins

© Dianne Bishop Carey 2011

It's T Tuesday over at Elizabeth's blog:

© Dianne Bishop Carey 2011

And time to share a few pumpkin characters.
To celebrate October, I will show a variety of pumpkin
and Halloween decorations this month, so
'stay tuned' for stitching, painting, drawing,
collections, and dust-catchers of all kinds!

© Dianne Bishop Carey
I love vintage-looking pumpkins, so I am
sharing some past art work inspired by
old paper mache' Halloween decorations.

© Dianne Bishop Carey 2014
Above, an ATC (Artist Trading Card)
 with a vintage-style pumpkin face.  The 
Lettering was generated on the computer 
and printed on card stock. I drew the rest of the
 elements on white card stock, applied
 watercolor or marker, cut out, and glued on.
The background is navy card stock.
This went to Dawn via snail mail!

© Dianne Bishop Carey 2014

Above, 'Jolly Halloween' lettering was also
done on the computer. The background is scrapbook
paper and a piece of Smash book page, with a geometry
diagram from a vintage Geometry textbook.  I drew 
and watercolored the pumpkins and the 
Man in the Moon. The title on the back says
 " I AM smiling," said the moon.  This ATC may end up
in my Project Life scrapbook...

I am having my mocha coffee today and linking up
with Elizabeth's   T Tuesday link party. 
How do you celebrate October?