Friday, October 2, 2015

Creativity Is...

"Creativity is Risk-Taking" ~  Sting

Many things can prompt a page
in your Art Journal.  If I see an interesting
 image or hear a snatch of phrase that 
gets my attention, I grab a bit of 
paper and write it down. The 'notes to
 self' get slipped between the pages of 
my art journal until I decide how to 
use them in my art. 

In this case, I was listening
 to a National Public Radio
broadcast about creativity. I hadn't
really thought about what creativity
actually IS, but these quotes
rang true for me.

To roughly paraphrase 
Elizabeth Gilbert, author:
We've often heard the phrase,
"follow your passion," but that puts
a pretty strong sense of intensity 
(and perhaps stress) on the individual. 
Curiosity is much more doable.
It gives us 'permission' to work our
 day job and follow our curiosity where
 it leads us without the pressure 
of having to become
a tragic figure or 'starving artist.'

Another place I've found art journal
fodder is on blogs.  Julie Fei-Fan Balzer
does pod casts with her mom and
 a guest artist. They are full of gems of
wisdom and laughter. 
"Creativity is about exploring possibilities"
is a remark from Julie.  When I listen
to a pod cast, I take notes!
  It's fun and informative, plus I can doodle!
Where have you found inspiration lately?

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  1. I love the different fonts you create with your own handwriting. That is truly what sets your art apart.

    One of the reasons I add several pockets to each of my journals, is so bits and pieces of art or notes can be tucked in until needed. Then a tag can replace the notes in the pockets.

    Although I love to make journals, I find absolutely NO desire to write in them. It's not just that my handwriting sucks, it's that writing (and even printing) is HARD for me. Having no grip to hold a pen or pencil sucks worse than not being able to read my handwriting! I love to type, but not write, which you must do if you fill in a journal. So I guess creativity for me is sewing my scrappy journals and finding new fodder for them. I am always inspired by your work, though.

  2. I really love your pages. Love the soft colours, but the star is your journaling with the wonderful and varied fonts. Really good words too!

  3. These are wonderful! All the inspirational quotes and colors and fonts! WOW!

  4. Great post! It's so full of information to chew on packaged in such a lovely visual setting. I especially liked the quote by Elizabeth Gilbert. It was exactly the right thing for me to read at this particular moment in this day. Funny how that works.

    I am also impressed with how you let one experience grow into powerful reflections. Simply lovely all the way around.


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