Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Autumn Journal Pages

I am influenced by the color
around me, including the
colors of the seasons.  This week
in Ohio, the light seemed golden, 
the autumn colors of the trees were
silhouetted against gorgeous blue
skies.  I spent quite a bit of time
walking at various parks this
week, enjoying the sunshine.

Above, a collage in my 
Documented Life Project journal.
The month of October challenge
was Translucent Papers.  The strip
of paper on the left of the spread is
Deli paper, painted with gouache.
 You may be able to see the 
yellow lined paper that is visible
beneath it.  The Jack-o-lantern and
moon are copies of watercolors
that I did, inspired by vintage images.

Next, I used painted tissue paper
on the pages above and below. The
 tissue was painted with watercolor,
let dry, and torn into leaf shapes.
Wet tissue paper is very delicate and
tears easily! Let dry after gluing, and 
draw outlines and details. (I used purple
gel pen) The oval leaves are from
 a vintage child's 'Shape Book.'

I think the above page is actually
my favorite.  The torn tissue paper shapes
were glued down for the leaves and the
shapes of the trees at the bottom. I also
used some highlighter, and fluorescent
gel pen, but not sure that detail is 
visible on the scan. (click to enlarge)

A 'Happy Halloween'
Artist Trading Card...
washi tape, markers, pen
and scrapbook paper.

Linking up with 
Bleubeard and Elizabeth for
T Tuesday, when I generally
have coffee instead of tea...
but no one seems to hold it
against me as we are all very
individual in our tastes!
Stop by Elizabeth's blog for
 a cup of something...

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  1. I especially like your fall leaves and pumpkins. I always enjoy the changing of the seasons :)

    Happy T Tuesday!

  2. What a lot of Halloween and Autumn goodness on your blog today. Love the idea of a travelling mug extra for the season, too. Your art work is beautiful, as always. Happy T Day, and have a great week, hugs, Valerie

  3. Wow.. adorable pages and art this week again Dianne! You are always such an inspiration!
    Thank you for sharing!

  4. wonderful autumn inspiration Dianne! Your journal pages are so well composed, and yes, I could see the colors and details much better when clicking for a larger view. Happy T day!

  5. The change of seasons is definitely upon us.
    You capture it so beautifully in your artwork Dianne.
    Clicking the photos for the slideshow is always a treat.
    I am often amused when watching crows in the garden and how they caw with their whole body pumping up and down to broadcast their call.
    Lovely Autumnal post.
    Happy T Day oxo

  6. You are such an inspiration. Your autumn inspired pages are wonderful. Torn tissue makes a very lovely and translucent background. I also liked the Indian Summer page, but I also liked the leaves and of course the moon and Jack-O-Lantern. They are always fun to see turn up in your journals.

    I know how much you love Halloween, and how this is your favorite time of year. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous art, your lovely decorations, and your drawn take-out mug with us for T this Tuesday.

  7. I forgot to mention that I have two goblets, two plates, and two margarita glasses that match. Would never think to use the margarita glasses, except they came with the set. Thanks for asking.

  8. I've been spending as much time outside as possible too, soaking up all the Fall color and crisp air. Your pages are just gorgeous, and the torn tissue leaves are just perfectly done.

    Loved the little Fall hanger with the penny rug style front.

  9. What a fabulous post full of gorgeous art, (you make superb collages), inspiration and spookiness galore. I love your travel mug, I sketched one last night, but it's not a halloween one :D Thanks so much for your comment on my post. Happy T Day :D

  10. Great fall art! I like your cup design I would buy it :) Thanks for sharing with us ♥

  11. Great journal pages for the DLP challenges. I'm also a member of the same group-:) Your fall decor looks wonderful
    Happy T day

  12. So many pretty art projects!
    Happy T Day! :)

  13. I like the golden light this time of year, you captured it well in your work. That would make a good travel mug, and fill mine with coffee too please.

  14. what a wonderful post - and i hope you have a wonderful rest of the week including Halloween!

  15. What a plethora of fall inspiration! And it looks like you are well ready for Halloween as well. Happy T-day, Dianne! :-)

  16. I love how realistic your trees are in the drawings. I can imagine resting in the shade of them as the leaves are slowly falling around me.
    Obviously your drawing skills and imagination keep growing with practice! You amaze me.

  17. To answer your question about flash cards, I don't think they are vintage, but I used to pick boxes of them up at the Salvation Army Surplus Store before they shut their doors for good. Now the only thing in the neighborhood is Goodwill and they only want NEW and good condition things, so I'm sure they would DIE before selling a box of flash cards! For awhile, it seemed like every time I went into S A, they would have a box of them. I got boxes of music, add, subtract, multiply, and divide cards over the years. I love them, but don't use them very often.

  18. I always enjoy your posts!You are poetic too my friend!Your art makes me melt inside just like when I read a good poem.Love to see your delightful journal pages.They are amazing!Happy T Day! :)


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