Tuesday, October 13, 2015

I Can Drive a Stick

Continuing to share Halloween
themed items this month...

"From ghoulies and ghosties and
long-leggity beasties and other things
that go bump in the night,
Good Lord deliver us."
I stitched this sampler from a printed
kit when I was a newlywed, so it's 
about 40 years old! It has been removed
from its frame with the intention of making 
a pillow from it, but somehow it hasn't
happened yet...

A few of my favorite things...
old books, paper crafts, doilies,
Halloween characters and fall color.

A card received from a past Halloween,
 thank-you dear Elizabeth!

Here is Pumpkin Jack...he doesn't sit
very gracefully...and there is a
'ghost version' lurking somewhere about.

One of this year's projects, above.
I designed this myself. It was fun to stitch,
 and just makes me smile.
Will post photos when I get the
project finished. It's going to be
a pin-keep, or small pillow.

Joining Bleubeard and Elizabeth
for tea or coffee, or whatever
shenanigans I can get into

Do you decorate for Fall
or Halloween?


  1. love your cross stitch I am trying to finish one I started several years ago..love all the halloween stuff too

  2. Love your Halloween art and embroidery. And the quote with good coffee and good books really got me - nothing better for me! Happy T Day, and have a good week, hugs, Valerie

  3. We do some decorating for Fall and for Halloween but not nearly so much as when the kids were little.

    "Drive a stick" made me lol!

  4. Great cross stitch pieces......I can drive a stick too.
    Yes , I do a little fall decorating.....but not like I did when the boys were still little.
    Happy T-day

  5. That´s such a fun embroidery! No, I never decorated for fall, or Halloween, which is a recent addition to the Swedish calendar. We go out for All Saints´ Day to light candles on the graves, though, but there are no ghosts on Swedish graveyards, only flowers and lights and happy memories (for the most part). Happy T Day!

  6. Not too much decorating done here but we must at least have a pumpkin or two and a pot of autumn mums. I'd keep that "drive a stick" needlework out all year long. Adorable.


  7. how cool that you've kept your wonderful sampler for so many years! Love the new Halloween inspired piece too. I don't decorate much for Halloween-it's mostly a fall theme to take me from now to the end of November because there aren't any young un's around here. Nice illustration. Happy T day!

  8. Definitely Fall (or Autumn ), although decorating for anything other than Christmas is new to me! I only decided to this year because we saw such lovely Autumn decorations in Austria last year! ! I love yours! Happy T day! Chrisx

  9. I've never seen fall decorations here in Spain. I don't think they do things like that. (Anyway, fall hasn't started yet as the weather is still warm and sunny.) They don't even bother much with Christmas decorations most of the time. I think it's an anglosaxon habit. Halloween is not celebrated but the children do see Halloween inspired products in the shop, so I guess it will catch on soon. Yes, we do celebrate All Saints and everyone goes to the cemetery with flowers.
    I love your embroidery sampler. And the pin cushion one too.
    Have a good week,

  10. What an adorable counted stitch project you created. Love, love, love the "stick." BTW, I STILL can't stamp worth a hoot (grin), but thanks for the nice comment about my card.

    Halloween is BIG here in the states, isn't it? Too bad the weather doesn't feel like it, because the temps have been in the 90s all week. I am always in awe of the way you decorate your house for this holiday.

    Love that big mug, too. I could use some of that coffee right now (grin). Thanks for sharing it AND your Halloween art and sewing with us for T this Tuesday. BTW, sorry I am so late visiting. I didn't think I'd be THIS late, though.

  11. I remember the saying on the first stitched piece from when I was a kid. The stick one is just so cute and made me smile!I decorate a bit for Fall--just love the colors!

  12. No, I don't decorate for fall or halloween--even though fall is my very favorite time of year...well, all the way from now till new years!! I do love that sampler--cute!! Happy T-Day!

  13. you MUST put that stitching on a pillow! it Looks gorgeous (as all the other Halloween decoration, too).

  14. Hello! Sorry I'm a day late. But I hope that you had a Happy T Day, and I hope that Wednesday is off to a god start for you.

    Wow, you have such cute Halloween d├ęcor! I just have a few pumpkins (plastic & plush) on top my bookcase and then some Halloween-motif hand towels for the kitchen & bathroom. Once the mini pumpkins and gourds show up at the grocery store, I'll buy a few of those for a dining room centerpiece.

    Being me, I love the text on your journal page about drinking good coffee and reading good books. :) I also like the quote from Hugh Jackman. I had no idea he was such a coffee fan!

    Take care and have a good week!

  15. Your embroidery and Halloween art is just amazing Dianne..and the Art Journal coffee page is beautiful!
    Happy belated T-Day !

  16. Fun to see your needlework and of course your art journaling too Dianne!
    Lots of creativity at your house.
    That driving a stick meme made me giggle when I saw it on FB too.
    I used to decorate more for the seasons but have gotten away from it since we have an empty nest.
    Christmas was always my favorite season.
    Happy October and T Day even tho it's Thursday

  17. HA! Love that needlework! I'm not a big fan of Halloween but I can certainly appreciate a good pun!


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