Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Cross Stitch Halloween

Halloween cross-stitch designs from
The Prairie Schooler, Book No. 181.
I painted the grapevine wreath
 black and dusted it with black glitter.
I may never get all of the black glitter
swept up in the spare bedroom...
I swept, I used masking tape to collect
the bits that wouldn't sweep up. Now I
remember why I don't usually use glitter.
The kids will probably wonder if 
there are bed bugs next time they visit!
How's that for scary?!!
I did use paper underneath when I 
sprinkled the glitter, honest. It still 
went everywhere...

I heard that Prairie Schooler designs is
 closing up shop, and so I ordered
several of their patterns. They are easy
because they don't have half-stitches,
and are often in a square format.  I think
the 'angel-skull headstone' is my 
favorite on this wreath.

"Of course I can drive a (broom) stick"
was finished into a pincushion. Pretty
happy with the results...

The 'ghosty' version of
Pumpkin Jack is hangin' around nearby.

I stitched the wreath designs on 11 count cream
Aida fabric, so they were easy to see to stitch.
They are mounted on cardboard, with some
frayed black fabric as backing. The pattern
called for black felt for backing, but I used
what I had on hand.

Linking up with 
Bleubeard and Elizabeth's
T Tuesday party,
where you never know what
we will chat about...but there
is always a beverage involved.
Mine is mocha, because 
chocolate for breakfast is
cool.  Right?!


  1. Love all the beautiful Halloween projects, and the lwonderful embroidery. I often use glitter on things, just a pinch, but I find it everywhere, and the lady at the baker's calls me 'Mrs Glitter' because I always have a spot of glitter on my face! Have a great week and a happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  2. Very clever wreath.
    Around here glitter is cleaned up with a vacuum......then we just live with what is left....LOL
    Happy T-day

  3. Now you know why I don't use glitter, not even at Christmas. I bought a table-top tree one year on clearance that was silver and had glitter all over it. I think I'm STILL cleaning up the glitter. Love your wreath, though. It is beautiful and the glitter really shines.

    Those squares are adorable. It took me awhile to realize the "angel" part of the skeleton, but when I finally got it, it was like a ton of bricks. My blond is showing today, I guess!

    Pumpkin Jack is looking good as ever, and he fits right in with your chocolate today. Thanks for sharing him, your lovely wreath, your cross stitch (including your completed pincushion), and your chocolate with us for T this Tuesday. BTW, the weather is still too hot here for me to join you for chocolate, unless it's cold.

  4. Um yes more chocolate pretty please :-)
    You and your black glitter "bugs" made me laugh Dianne!
    It is a perfect touch for your fun wreath.
    So many special stitcheries you've been busy making.
    Happy T Day

  5. Wonderful projects Dianne! Wow!
    Love the embroidery pieces - AWESOME!

  6. Your cross-stitching is perfect. What fabulous patterns. And the wreath is decidedly spooky; it could have spiders hidden in it! *Shudder!* Happy T Day :D
    ps ~ Thanks for your lovely comment on our holiday/T post.

  7. Glitter does get everywhere. ..I know. ..!! I love your Halloween makes, especially the pin cushion with that fab quote! Mocha for breakfast sounds good! Chrisx

  8. Really nice job on all the Halloween pieces! Those darn half stitches are what is keeping me from finishing a cross stitch I started too many years ago to remember! That, and the outlining. The eyes just aren't what they used to be. :)


  9. I love your wreath. A lot of work went into that.
    Hmmm, don't talk about glitter please... But I had to smile at the black glitter being confused for bed bugs!

  10. Ah yes...glitter...it doesn't ever get fully cleaned up. You have such patience...between your journalling and the needlework! A-mazing!

  11. Oh that love/hate relationship with glitter! Wonderful cross stitch décor!! I have done counted cross stitch fro many years now but have neglected it the last 5 I think. Still have patterns and lots of supplies tho:):)Happy T day!

  12. You are really in the spirit of the season :)

    Glitter is evil. I quit cold turkey when I had a child get a piece stuck to hid eyeball. Scary!

  13. Wonderful Halloween pieces. Your home must look quite festive if you have them all on display

  14. i love your cross stitch its wonderful

  15. Hello and Happy T Day Dianne! Oh, I just love everything here, so creative and perfectly Halloween! Great job on the wreath, the pain of glitter is that it lasts forever even when you don't want it too, lol. I think it's still worth it to use it at times though, like your wreath. So glad you are enjoying some crafting for the holiday coming up sooner then we can believe.

    Hope the weather has been mild for you as it is for me. More fall colors are showing up, hoping to take a drive with hubby to enjoy them soon as we can. I think chocolate for breakfast should be a rule especially during this month.

    Take care and enjoy your week!

  16. You have been busy!So many gorgeous projects!Love your wreath!Happy T day!


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