Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Halloween Sketches and Tutorial

Sketches for Halloween
from vintage images.  These
are in my art journal from 2008,
pencil, pen, and colored pencil.
I plan to celebrate Halloween on
this blog for the whole month, so
stay tuned for Halloween fun,
both old and new!

Sketches for Art Dolls, also 2008.
The paper doll on the right
is the one I ended up making
from cardboard. You will get to
see 'Pumpkin Jack' later on in
the month of October...

Above, a sketch for an ATC
that I was planning. I don't remember
if the final card ended up looking exactly
like this, but I really liked the way this
sketch turned out. Look out Blues Brothers...

Above, is the art journal page
that I made for a TUTORIAL
this week. It's over on my 
weight-loss blog, Healthy Momentum.
You can also find it on the Tutorials Page
of this blog in the side bar. (look for the tea cup)
 The Tutorial was designed to be easy,
 for people who are just getting started in
journaling, or aren't confident in
their drawing skills. Try it!

Linking up with 
Bleubeard and Elizabeth for the
T Tuesday blog hop.  Above, a 
cute Rooster Tea Pot and matching
cups that I saw at Sauder Village.
Join us for a beverage and
creative pursuits.


  1. Lovely post, great Halloween work, always such fun to see and make. Thanks for sharing the tutorial, and love the Cockerel tea set, just gorgeous. Have a nice week, happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  2. Aaahhh Halloween!! My favorite time of year! I just loved seeing all your sketches. Thank you so much for the kind words you left on my blog. They made me smile. :) Happy Tday my dear!! Hugs! deb

  3. I like your witch picture and the pumpkin head doll. Halloween is one of my favorite times of year :)

  4. October is a great art month. Love the colors. Looking forward to all your Halloween posts - enjoyed what you showed us so far


  5. Love your drawings! Art Journaling is a good way to experiment isn't it? Happy T Day! Chrisx

  6. What a super post again Dianne!This tea set is gorgeous and I love your fantastic tutorial!
    Happy T-Day!

  7. Love the art!!! Nice tea set too.. Thanks for sharing it all ♥

  8. great sketches Dianne and I love your journal page tutorial! The fall looking rooster tea set is wonderful too. Happy T day!

  9. Your host is very, very late visiting today, and for that I apologize. I love Pumpkin Jack and can't wait to see him again off the page and in your home. That Soul Man is wonderful. I like the humor of it, as well as the really lovely sketch. I'm sure the ATC is wonderful, too.

    Gosh, that rooster tea pot and mugs are gorgeous. I had NO idea he was a tea pot until you mentioned it. What a lovely set. Thanks for sharing your ATC, your tutorial, your art, and the tea set with us for T this Tuesday.

  10. Hello Dianne! Happy T Day! I love your Halloween month each year, THANK YOU for doing that for us, so fun!! The drawings and collage page look so wonderful as always. I do wish my pages would come together as good and easy as yours.
    That rooster set is cute, I know a few people who would like that.

    Thank you for your comments on my PL posts, so glad you read them and enjoyed them. So wish we lived closer and you could help me with my drawing and I would help you catch up on your PL. We'd have so much fun! It took me 2 good weeks I'd say to do all my pages, a lot of it was thinking and cropping them and picking out the cards. I'm almost tired of PL now but still have more past photos and even last months to do. Thinking over what I will do next year, maybe go smaller.

    I love the camping pages too and LOVE camping, so nice being outside all day with nature. Going to Salt Fork is right up there with camping and Disney, those are my only places I will go anytime and always will.

    Did it get cold last week for you, I had to get out my slippers and turn on the heat a bit to warm up. Now it's nice again, just right and I hope it lasts all month.
    Take care and thanks for sharing!


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