Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Translucent Coverage: Torn Fabric

The Documented Life Project 2015~
The Journal.  One challenge this month
was to use vellum, which I didn't have.
But fabric I do have!  I think the very
sparkly translucent fabric I used on this 
page is organza, but I'm not sure. It's very
difficult to see in the scan above. A
loose stitched 'flap' covers two layers
of fabric, adding sparkle and mystery.
There are rows of vertical hand-stitching,
but I don't think they're visible in the scan.
Click on the photo for a better look...

Above, the organza has been lifted to
reveal the cotton fabric that has been
painted with a simple floral design in
watercolor. It echoes the designs in the
printed fabric beneath it. I drew around
the flowers in permanent Sharpie marker
for more definition, since the watercolor
naturally faded and bled into the fabric.
I also quilted around the flowers a bit 
to connect it with the floral fabric beneath.

When lifting all three layers of fabric,
journaling is revealed beneath...I 
like the initial splattered and swirled
watercolor background, but it is 
difficult for me to leave it alone and
not overwork it...

The facing page:  I drew this little
flower from a bouquet my husband 
brought home to me. It is 'pen direct to
paper,' (no pencil sketch first) and I rather
like the pink background showing through
the leaves of the painting. The bouquet
survived a night in the car, as my husband
forgot to bring them in to me when he
got home from work! Since it was in the 40'sF
that night, they were a bit wilted, but 
perked up when I put them in water!
A very nice surprise...

Here's the coffee mug I am having
my morning mocha in today...
linking up with Bleubeard and Elizabeth
for T Tuesday.  Enjoying my flowers,
both real and stitched. What are you
enjoying these days?


  1. I LOVE the flower you painted and the quote you added to it.
    Thanks for visiting me this week....
    Happy T-day

  2. Beautiful work this week, as always, and I love the delicate pastel colours. Great idea to use the thin material to 'veil' the page, that's good thinking. The flowers and mug and beautiful too. Have a good week, and a happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  3. Wonderful effects Dianne .. how clever done!
    The flower and the mug is gorgeous as always - your art is just wonderful!
    Happy T-Day !

  4. Oh my...your fabric work is so beautiful!! And your MM mug is adorable. Happy T Day :D

  5. What wonderful layers, I'll bet it is even better in person when you can actually lift each layer and find the surprise underneath. I like hidden things :-) Your flowers are just beautiful, delicate too.

  6. i love it when fabric is envolved... happy t-day to you also!

  7. Yes, dear, I had to enlarge to see the beauty of the organza, and the flowers underneath. They make for a wonderful layered page. Very, very impressive art. I'm simply thrilled to see this.

    I am so glad you shared this layered beauty with us for T this Tuesday, as well as your Mickey mug. I would say if you got flowers, your husband is definitely a keeper.

  8. That´s gorgeous! And adding the word (and fabric) ORGANZA makes it sound absolutely devine! ;-) Happy T-Day!

  9. Really lovely use of fabric and paint Dianne!
    I am always drawn to sheer shimmery fabrics not even sure why or what I'll do with them sometimes.
    I am imagine the moment your husband remembered he left the flowers in the car DOHHHH!
    What a happy ending and extra appreciation for them since they went through a few trials before you got them.
    Love also that it feels like your grandmother saying to mend/stitch the fabric on your flower stem page with the special pink leaves
    Happy T Day to you oxo
    p.s. thank you for your visit and nice comment too!

  10. Aahhhh flowers from hubby are wonderful... even if they spent the night in the car...lol Reminds me its been awhile since i've had flowers from hubby..hmmmmm... must put a bug in his ear.. :) Happy Tday! Hugs! deb

  11. How beautiful is that! I love the effect of the organza. Stunning! Well done!
    Your drawn mug is good too and that little lily is so gorgeous. Well done you for drawing that straight onto the paper.
    Thanks for visiting me earlier,
    Have a good week,

  12. OMGosh! All your artwork is lovely! And how brave of you to draw directly in pen. It turned out beautifully. Cute mug. I've always liked Mickey. Happy T-Day! :)

  13. Beautiful as always Dianne! I love your watercolor flower and how sweet of your hubby to bring you flowers, wilting or not! You are so talented and I love how, when given a challenge, you don't immediately think "I must go buy that supply I don't already have!" I must remember this myself and quit getting caught up in the need to buy, buy, buy!

  14. Hello and Happy T Day! Your art is so lovely, fabric is always fun to use. Great job hiding the journaling too. Cute cute mug, I love Mickey! Thanks for sharing and have a good week.

  15. I forgot to say hello and chat, sorry about that.

    HELLO Dianne!! I bet your loving this warm fall weather we are having this week. I do hope it lasts most of the month. Wish I could have shared more of the Amish visit, it truly was so fun and neat for me. First time being there and I love how they live but would miss much of what we have though too. Seeing those lines of laundry hanging out made me smile though, just said home and love to me. The store was so crowded so pictures were just to hard, might have to go back on a weekday and see if it's less busy. They had a wall of cool cookie cutters and the facing was full of sprinkles of every color and designs you could think of. SO NEAT!! It felt like we were on vacation without really being on one. The warm sun put me right to sleep on the way home,lol.
    So nice seeing your art again, always makes me smile.
    Take care friend and enjoy the sun. HUGS!

  16. How lovely. Your husband sounds so thoughtful to bring you that sweet bouquet. :)

    Happy T Day (every day is T day around here lol)

  17. I love your art this week!!!!! I signed up fir the Documented Life challenge and then abruptly fell behind . I have a tendency to join too many groups and then get frustrated when I can't keep up . I do read the challenge each week and sometime use them in what ever else I"m working on . Your's in great I wouldn't have thought of fabric and yet it fits perfectly ♥

  18. Wonderful effects, my friend!Love your flower and your mug,Delightful!Happy T Day :)

  19. It's so true, coffee does seem to bring on a craving for donuts. In fact, the other day when he came home from school, my son asked why the house smelled like the donut shop. I said that it was because I had just made myself a cup of coffee, and the donut shop smells of coffee. Now we're kind of in the mood to go out for donuts... Maybe this weekend... :)

    I like the way you used fabric in your journal piece and the parallels you drew between mending fabric and getting through challenges in life. Thanks for sharing these interesting ideas.

  20. Beautiful. The layers add such a softness. Trying to capture that in a scan is so hard!!
    Happy T day...a little late!

  21. Love the fabric work that is layers of loveliness and the hidden journalling at the bottom. Lovely of your husband to bring you flowers and I had to smile that he forgot to bring them indoors and actually give them to you! Happy T on Tuesday a bit late!

  22. Gorgeous pages, love the use of sheer fabric - brilliant!


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