Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Painting on a Dryer Sheet

copyright Dianne Bishop Carey 2015

Painting on an unlikely surface
can be an interesting challenge...
how about a dryer sheet?

Watercolor and gouache, with
touches of white gel pen on a 
generic-brand, used dryer sheet.

copyright Dianne Bishop Carey 2015

It's a bit like trying to paint on 
Swiss cheese, as the surface is full
of holes. At first I had the dryer sheet
 on waxed paper as I painted.
When I realized how much paint (a lot!)
was ending up on the paper below it, I
just decided to glue it into my journal
and continue painting. It needed the
background surface to 'fill-in' the little
holes in the texture of the fabric.

copyright Dianne Bishop Carey 2015

This was a challenge from The
Documented Life Project~ The Journal, 2015.
Another suggestion was painting on dried
tea bags.  (Now I realize that it would have 
been perfect for tea day!) Tea bags or
dryer sheets are both free, recycled,
 translucent surfaces that can be
used for art. The texture of the finished
piece is very interesting...soft and blurry,
because the bumpy surface prevents
sharp details. The woman in this little
painting is modeled after a lovely black
and white vintage photo that I bought in
an antique shop. The hair-style was a
challenge, since I couldn't discern a lot of
detail in the old photo.  I decided to cut 
the dryer sheet into an oval shape and
make it resemble a piece of jewelry.

Dianne Bishop Carey 2015

Linking up with the T Tuesday group
over at Bleubeard and Elizabeth's blog...
sharing a beverage, and whatever
else we are experiencing
at the moment. 
Stop by for a cup!

Here is a tea cup that I bought at a local
 thrift store this week. It's quite pretty, 
  and it was inexpensive! There was no
 matching saucer, as you might be able to
 see in the photo. I just picked out a saucer 
 a little similar to the cup and went with it. 
Think, mismatched "Mad Tea Party."

Wishing you warm cups of
whatever beverage you enjoy on a 
Fall harvest pumpkin kind of day...


  1. Painting on dryer sheets... i never would have thought of that! I'm always trying to rack my brain with what to do with them... Just beautiful Dianne!! Hugs! deb

  2. Dryer sheets! Who'd have thought! Well, somebody did, obviously ;)

    I like the mismatching idea :) Happy T Tuesday.

  3. That is an interesting idea to paint on used dryer sheets--also a great way to recycle something that is usually tossed out. For some reason I could not see the photos of the teacup--probably my computer--but I will check back later for a peak. Happy T Day!

  4. She turned out wonderful! Great to paint on different surfaces - I tried it on teabag recently - was fun - I don't know exactly how dryer sheets feel .. but I could try on a dry baby wipe... maybe the same feeling ?!
    Love what you have done here!

    Happy T-Day dear Dinanne

  5. I have used used dryer sheets as texture in my journals, but have never thought to paint or draw on them. I do know they melt wonderfully......LOL

    Happy T-day

  6. i do not have a dryer and thus no dryer Sheets. but i love to use the glasses-cleaning wipes and they also are a good Thing for mixed media. beautiful art you made! happy t-day!

  7. Although I do use dryer sheets and tea bags in my art I have not tried painting any detailed work on them. Mine are mostly for texture. Your painting is wonderful and that is a lovely teacup you have found. Happy T day!

  8. thanks Debbie for letting me know the photos didn't show up...I think I've corrected it now. Let me know if they are still not showing up...

  9. With so much pretty china out there mixing and matching is a great idea for that lovely cup you rescued.
    You are so talented you could paint on anything and make it look good Dianne!
    On FB recently I saw this interesting link about painting on teabags:
    Happy T Day oxo

  10. I especially like to pair orphans together. These two pieces actually go quite well together. You did a good job.

    Someone else I visit for AEDM painted on tea bags this week. Your dryer sheet was much more clever, though. I've painted on them before, but I made stripes, which isn't anywhere nearly as clever as the wonderful lady you drew. They make great backgrounds, though, and I had forgotten how much I miss using them, especially since I've hung my clothes outside all summer.

    Thanks for sharing your lovely new cup and saucer, as well as your dryer sheet beautiful lady with us for T this Tuesday.

  11. I've heard of dryer sheet art, but I never knew it could be so pretty! Happy T Day. :)

  12. Love how you took up this challenge. The lady, her hair everything looks good to me. I too had used dryer sheets for this challenge. But I guessed painting over it would be a challenge so added collage elements to it.
    Your tea cup is beautiful too.
    Wishing you a wonderful week

  13. A dyer sheet is definitely an unlikely surface for painting! It gives such an interesting look. Sort of aged.

  14. What a clever girl you are Dianne! I would never have thought of a dryer sheet to paint on! But have used the tea bags in my journal pages and like those a lot, especially since they come "aged". Thanks for sharing your artwork online for us all to enjoy!


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