Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Thanksgiving to Christmas Transition

It's that awkward time when I am itching
to decorate for Christmas, but I don't want
to overlook Thanksgiving...

The result is that a few fall decorations 
still linger, but some Christmas
 things begin to appear.

Below, some old sheet music that has
seen better days. I intended to frame it
some day, but it never happened. Into
the Art Journal it went.  

Such a beautiful vintage illustration!

If you read the credits at the
bottom left of the page, you will see
that this sheet music was compliments
of a corset company!

Couldn't resist trying my hand at the
rose illustrations from the music...

Drinking my mocha from the Santa 
mug this morning...some red and white
Christmas decorations are beginning to
make their appearance.

Linking up with the T Tuesday group,
to see what's up with my Tea friends,
and to enjoy another cup...

Wishing you a Thankful week,
and much happiness!

◘  ♦  ◘


  1. That vintage sheet music is so pretty and elegant looking and you did a great job painting the roses Dianne! Lovely decorative vignettes. I'm one of those who won't think about putting out anything Christmas until December. Happy T day and happy Thanksgiving too!

  2. WOW, that corset company did some great advertising with that rose inspired sheet music. I thought your roses were every bit as beautiful as the ones on the sheet music illustration. I love vintage like that.

    I was in school for so many years, it became a habit for me to remove all my Thanksgiving decorations, eat leftovers, and decorate for Christmas on the day after Thanksgiving. Back then, there was no Black Friday, and even if there had been, I would already have all my Christmas gifts wrapped and ready to place under my tree. It was the only time during the semester I had four consecutive days to do whatever needed to be done, including finishing any long term assignments, and decorating my house for Christmas. I still do it on Friday, because it just seems natural. Of course, now I like to shop local on Small Business Saturday, but their prices are often out of reach for me now days.

    Thanks for sharing your lovely fall and beginning of Christmas decorations with us, as well as your Santa mug mocha for T this Tuesday. Happy Thanksgiving, too, dear friend.

  3. what a lovely home you have I like that pumpkin thing and candles

  4. Your decorations are beautiful, and love our Santa Mug. The old sheet music is fantastic, and your rose paintings have turned out really well. What a lovely way of advertising a corset company! Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  5. There is a certain beauty to mixing a bit of Autumn decorations with the Christmas ones. I enjoyed see the vintage music sheet and you did a wonderful job on the rose. Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. I like your ouch-of-Christmas Santa mug :) We don't get out any Christmas decorations til after Thanksgiving is past. We used to wait until Advent, but we start earlier now. Happt T Tuesday!

  7. I didn't do much fall decorating this year. We are putting up the Christmas decor tomorrow though. Thanksgiving is at my in-laws so we are jumping the gun by a couple days.

  8. I'm not at all ready to decorate for Christmas so I'm happy to find some inspiration on your blog. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

  9. Hello and Happy T Day! I didn't link up but wanted to come by and say hello and wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!! I LOVE that you are sneaking in Christmas decoration and still honoring Thanksgiving, that is me too friend. What lovely decorations you have and a cute Santa mug.

    Did you get some snow? We got a little bit Tuesday morning and it melted by noon. What a lovely fall we've had, hoping winter will be mild too. I went on my retreats and shared some of it on my blog and more to come. I did get a lot done and enjoyed it so much.
    Take care and enjoy this long holiday weekend, stay warm and safe! HUGS!

  10. It is wonderful that you have combined both decor at this time. Afterall it is the time for celebration-:) Your roses have come out so well. I'm a big fan of music sheets.
    Happy Thanksgiving

  11. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! I didn't realize I could leave comments Dianne. I love your blog postings and this one in particular! I love the combination of Thanksgiving and Christmas!!! I absolutely fall in love with the music sheet with the lady...
    Take good care and enjoy this time!!!

  12. Happy Belated T-Day! Very belated. :)

    I hope that you had a good Thanksgiving. Like you, I was itching to put up Christmas decorations, so that is how my family and I spent the day yesterday. We even got our tree up. It snowed last night and this morning, so now it looks Christmasy outside, too. Have you had much snow yet?


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